Under Graduate  Programmes


No. Course
1 B.A Animation and Graphic Design Model III
2 B.A Animation and Visual Effects Model III
3 B.A Arabic Language and Literature Model I
4 B.A Arabic Language and Literature Model II
5 B.A Archaeology and Museology Model III
6 B.A Bharathanatyam Model I
7 B.A Chenda Model I
8 B.A Corporate Economics
9 B.A Economics Model I
10 B.A Economics Model II Foreign Trade
11 B.A Economics Model II Insurance
12 B.A English Language and Literature – Model II (Vocational: Careers and Communication Skills)
13 B.A English Language and Literature Model I
14 B.A English Language and Literature Model II Administrative Assistant
15 B.A English Language and Literature Model II Copy Editor
16 B.A English Language and Literature Model II Journalism
17 B.A English Language and Literature Model II Teaching
18 B.A English Language and Literature Model II Tutor in Conversational English
19 B.A English Literature ,Communication and Journalism Model III (Triple Main)
20 B.A English Literature and Communication Studies Model III (Double Main)
21 B.A Hindi Language and Literature Model I
22 B.A Hindi Language and Literature Model II Functional Hindi
23 B.A History Model I
24 B.A History Model II Archaeology and Museology
25 B.A History Model II Communication and Publishing Sciences
26 B.A History Model II Forestry and Environmental History
27 B.A Kathakali Model I Sangeetham
28 B.A Kathakali Model I Vesham
29 B.A Madhalam Model I
30 B.A Malayalam Language and Literature Model I
31 B.A Malayalam Language and Literature Model II Copy Editing
32 B.A Malayalam Language and Literature Model II Copy Writing
33 B.A Mass Communication and Journalism Model I
34 B.A Mohiniyattam Model I
35 B.A Multimedia Model III
36 B.A Music Model I Mridangam
37 B.A Music Model I Veena
38 B.A Music Model I Violin
39 B.A Music Model I Vocal
40 B.A Philosophy Model I
41 B.A Political Science Model I
42 B.A Political Science Model II Mass Communication and Journalism
43 B.A Sanskrit ( Special ) Jyothisha – Model I
44 B.A Sanskrit ( Special ) Nyaya – Model I
45 B.A Sanskrit ( Special ) Sahithya – Model I
46 B.A Sanskrit ( Special ) Vedanta – Model I
47 B.A Sanskrit ( Special ) Vyakarana – Model I
48 B.A Sociology Model I
49 B.A Tamil Language and Literature Model I
50 B.A. Visual Arts(Interior Design)
51 B.A. Visual Communication
52 BA Audiography & Digital Editing


No. Course
1 B.Sc Apparel and Fashion Design Model III
2 B.Sc Aquaculture Model III
3 B.Sc Bioinformatics Model III
4 B.Sc Biological Techniques and Specimen Preparation Model III
5 B.Sc Biotechnology Model III
6 B.Sc Botany and Biotechnology Model III Double Main
7 B.Sc Botany Model I
8 B.Sc Botany Model II Environmental Monitoring And Management
9 B.Sc Botany Model II Food Microbiology
10 B.Sc Botany Model II Horticulture and Nursery Management
11 B.Sc Botany Model II Plant Biotechnology
12 B.Sc Chemistry Model I
13 B.Sc Chemistry Model II Industrial Chemistry
14 B.Sc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Model III
15 B.Sc Computer Applications Model III Triple Main
16 B.Sc Computer Science Model III
17 B.Sc Culinary Arts and Catering Technology
18 B.Sc Cyber Forensic
19 B.Sc Electronic Equipment Maintenance
20 B.Sc Electronics and Computer Maintenance Model III
21 B.Sc Electronics Model III
22 B.Sc Family & Community Science Model I
23 B.Sc Food Science & Quality Control Model III
24 B.Sc Food Technology & Quality Assurance
25 B.Sc Geology and Water Management Model III
26 B.Sc Geology Model I
27 B.Sc Industrial Fish and Fisheries Model III
28 B.Sc Information Technology Model III
29 B.Sc Mathematics Model I
30 B.Sc Mathematics Model II Computer Science
31 B.Sc Microbiology Model III
32 B.Sc Petrochemicals
33 B.Sc Physics Model I
34 B.Sc Physics Model II Applied Electronics
35 B.Sc Physics Model II Computer Applications
36 B.Sc Psychology Model I
37 B.Sc Recreation, Leisure and Sports Studies
38 B.Sc Statistics Model I
39 B.Sc Zoology and Industrial Microbiology Model III Double Main
40 B.Sc Zoology Model I
41 B.Sc Zoology Model II Aquaculture
42 B.Sc Zoology Model II Food Microbiology
43 B.Sc Zoology Model II Medical Microbiology


No. Course
1 B.Com  Model I  Finance & Taxation
2 B.Com  Model I Co-operation
3 B.Com  Model I Computer Applications
4 B.Com  Model I Marketing
5 B.Com  Model I Travel & Tourism
6 B.Com  Model II Computer Applications
7 B.Com  Model II Finance & Taxation
8 B.Com  Model II Logistics Management
9 B.Com  Model II Marketing
10 B.Com  Model II Travel & Tourism
11 B.Com  Model III Computer Applications
12 B.Com  Model III Office Management & Secretarial Practice
13 B.Com  Model III Taxation
14 B.Com  Model III Travel & Tourism


No. Course
1 Applied Electronics and Instrumentation
2 Automobile Engineering
3 Civil Engineering
4 Computer Science
5 Electrical and Electronics
6 Electronics and Communication
7 Information Technology
8 Mechanical Engineering