School of Behavioural Sciences

Founded in 1988, the School of Behavioural Sciences has been a pioneer in offering specialized higher education programs dedicated to the cultivation of exceptional human resources in the fields of rehabilitation and psychological health. Students get training in statistical packages and research methodology-oriented courses and exposure to international visiting faculties.                                                                                                                                                                   


 School of Biosciences                                                                                                            

School of Biosciences motivates students to gain expertise in a wide spectrum of areas and offers ultra-modern instrumentation, animal maintenance and animal cell culture facilities. Established in 1983,the School is acclaimed for its research initiatives which provide an exclusive platform for the future generation of scientists.




School of Chemical Sciences

School of Chemical Sciences is one of the prestigious departments of Mahatma Gandhi University, established in 1983.The School offers four different M Sc Programmes along with M Phil, M Tech and Ph D Programmes covering several branches of Chemistry and Polymer Science. More than 1000 students appear for the entrance tests conducted  to graduate programmes annually. Students can avail of the opportunities here to take up research projects in any International/National Laboratories of their choice as part of their final semester.


School of Computer Sciences

School of Computer Sciences is an advanced centre of Postgraduate Learning and Research in the areas of Computer Science. Established in 1990, with a view to cater to the growing demand for highly qualified and competent computer professionals in the country, the School encourages blended learning  and currently offers a second-level M Sc Programme in Computer Science, an M Phil Programme  and Ph D. Highlights include short add-on courses through the Spoken Tutorial Project, an initiative of NMEICT, MHRD, Govt. of India
School of Distance Education

The School of Distance Education commenced its activities in 1990 as a response to the need for widening educational opportunities for a growing number of aspiring students. Contact classes had been arranged at different venues within the jurisdiction of the University to facilitate learning. The School of Distance Education is now primarily involved in handling administrative matters related to past enrollments. The University decided to discontinue its Distance Education programmes from May 2015.                                                                                   

School of Environmental Sciences

School of Environmental Sciences, a Centre of learning for advanced studies in different branches of Environmental Science, established in 1995, primarily aims at  developing appropriate technologies and skilled human resources for the sustainable utilization, management and conservation of natural resources. The School has a live laboratory named ‘Jeevaka’, which consists of areas with rich biodiversity within the Mahatma Gandhi University Campus.                                                                                             


School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies

  Ever since the inception of the School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies in 1983,it has been recognized as one of the leading educational and research institutions in the areas of Gandhian thought, peace studies, development studies and the related areas.  The School offers  post-graduate and doctoral programmes in both Gandhian Studies and Development Studies, and undertakes research projects and initiates discussions and debates of serious academic nature.                                                                                                                        

School of International Relations and Politics

Established in  1983, the School of International Relations and Politics has acquired an impeccable and  enviable reputation as a department that has made a mark in the sphere of scholarly activities . The School offers instructions in the areas of research including politics, international relations, human rights as well as public policy and governance. The School offers numerous opportunities for students and faculty to interact with each other.                                                                                                      


School of Indian Legal Thought

  School of Indian Legal Thought, Mahatma Gandhi University, established in 1989,aims to impart an integrated legal education with distinctive programmes for the Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and Research levels. Empower yourselves by engaging in the innovative interdisciplinary research and following a dynamic curriculum that is constantly evolving.                                                                                                                                        


School of Letters

School of Letters, established in 1988, with Prof. G. Sankara Pillai, the doyen of drama and theatre in Kerala, as its first Director, is the Interdisciplinary Department of Literature and Fine arts of Mahatma Gandhi University. The M A Programmes in English & Malayalam and M Phil programmes in English, Malayalam and Theatre Arts in addition to the Ph D and Post-Doctoral Programmes are carried out in the true spirit of interdisciplinary studies and comparative cultural studies that offer a unique system of initiating dialogues among languages, cultures and practices.


School of Management and Business Studies

  School of Management and Business Studies,  started in 1998, is a regular statutory Department of Mahatma Gandhi University offering MBA and Ph D Programmes. The School is currently engaged in a diverse range of activities including teaching, academic research, management development programs and public sector projects and aims to develop socially responsible business leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to take the challenges of ever-changing global business environment.                                                                                                                                                                                           

School of Pure and Applied Physics

The School of Pure and Applied Physics is one of the premier research departments of Mahatma Gandhi University, started in 1983.The school comprises more than 20 researchers covering a wide area of research. The School has trained 39 batches of M Sc and 35 batches of M Phil students. More than 110 students have been awarded Ph D.                                                                                                         


School of Pedagogical Sciences

  The School of Pedagogical Sciences, founded in 1992, is dedicated to addressing educational challenges by emphasizing high-quality education and excellence. It focuses on four key dimensions: theory, practice, research, and extension. The school prioritizes understanding educational theories, applying practical methods, conducting research, and engaging with the community.                                                                                 


School of Social Sciences

Established in 1989, the School of Social Sciences  is an interdisciplinary department that aims to facilitate teaching and research beyond the conventional contours and boundaries of disciplines. The School deals with all the major social science disciplines and fosters an inclusive academic environment for students from socially disadvantaged background and promotes teaching and research on issues of marginalization.                                                                                 


School of Tourism Studies

  School of Tourism Studies, established in 2010, a Centre of Higher Learning in the  rapidly flourishing areas of Tourism and Hospitality. The School endeavours to produce professional personnel with a diverse range of applied, technical, interpersonal, analytical and communication skills in tourism leadership. It integrates teaching, research and strong industry expertise for the sustainable development of the tourism industry.                                                                                  


School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Mahatma Gandhi University has been recognized as ‘Sports University’ for achieving the highest accolade in competitions of sports and games at national and international levels. School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences has earned a widespread academic reputation that dates back to its inception in 1984. The School has been treated as a ‘centre of excellence’ that provides systematic and scientific training to students.                                                                                                     

Department of Life Long Learning and Extension

  Started functioning in 1991, the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension is a statutory academic department that uses a variety of methods and training programmes for development education and continuing education for learners of all ages. All the academic and extension programmes of the Department are carried out strictly in accordance with University Regulations and UGC Guidelines for Departments of Lifelong Learning and Extension.                                                                                


Department of Printing and Publishing
The Department of Printing & Publishing(DPP) was established in 1988 to co-ordinate the publication of academic books, reference collections and textbooks from the perspective of the student community and the society at large and provide consulting services in editorial, design and production activities. Currently, language textbooks prescribed for the CBCSS degree programme of the University, which includes English, Hindi and Malayalam, are being published by the Department. The Department of Printing and Publishing is entrusted with the responsibility of the allotment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to books, textbooks, proceedings, monographs etc., authored/ edited by faculty members and published by the Department or in collaboration with other departments of the University.                                                               
School of Mathematics and Statistics

    School of Mathematics and Statistics, Mahatma Gandhi University, established in 2020, provides instruction, research and training in theoretical and applied areas of mathematical sciences with interdisciplinary applications. In addition ,various workshops, seminars, conferences, lecture series, etc. by experts will be offered to encourage research and skill development to meet the emerging challenges.                                                                                                                                                                                         

School of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  School of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, started  in the year 2019, offers postgraduate programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with an objective to impart higher education and to promote academic research in the field of  Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Technological advances are incorporated into the programmes by developing unique cross disciplinary approaches and subject areas such as Embedded Systems, Robotics, Computational Intelligence and Virtual Reality.                                                                                             

School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

  School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, established in 2019, with Prof. Sabu Thomas, the former Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi University, as its Director, aims to provide relevant and transformative learning opportunities including postgraduate programmes in Physics and Chemistry and the area of research. The School aims to be a global centre for  Nanoscience and Nanotechnology through its academic excellence, utilizing unimaginable opportunities responsive to the needs of the local,national and global communities in the rapidly changing world.                                                                                


School of Energy Materials

Founded in 2020, the School of Energy Materials aspires to deliver outstanding education in energy science and technology of international standards while incorporating high-quality  research that extends across disciplines.The School is committed to train excellent technical personnel with a strong background in basic scientific and engineering principles, innovative research capabilities, exemplary professional conduct and adherence to ethical value                                                                                                                                                       

School of Food Science and Technology

    School of Food Science And Technology is the new department of Mahatma Gandhi University,  established in 2020, with the aim of  providing academic expertise to students in the areas of Food science, Food Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics.The School deals with the processes designed to reinvent and increase food resources including activities like enhancing food products,increasing their durability and ensuring their safety.                                                                               

School of Data Analytics

Established in 2020, the School of Data Analytics, inspires students ensuring high level research and employment potential  and to meet the demand from industry and multinational companies.  Data Analytics helps in simulating many real life complex systems to explain the dynamics of many processes which are difficult to track experimentally using conventional methods.                                                                                                                                                            

School of Gender Studies (2023-24 Academic year onwards)

  The Master of Arts in Gender Studies is a flagship programme of the School of Gender Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University, started in 2023, which aims to integrate rigorous theoretical explorations on gender. Programmes are available on gender, culture and visual studies beneficial for a career in journalism, media and film making. They help students understand the theoretical and ethical concerns of gender, identity and sexuality in multidisciplinary contexts and chart unique   perspectives on gender in their future endeavours.                                                                                                                                                                 

School of Polymer Science and Technology (2023-24 Academic year onwards)

Mahatma Gandhi University made a pioneering move by launching the prestigious School of Polymer Science and Technology( SPST) in 2023, which presents exciting job opportunities in collaboration with industries ranging from aerospace and electronics to healthcare and beyond. The School owes its inception to Dr. Sabu Thomas, the distinguished scientist with global acclaim, who has set the stage for a transformative educational experience in the Polymer Department of the University. It provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to learning more about science, processing and applications of polymers.                                           


Department of Geology

Established in the School of Environmental Sciences in 2021, the Department of Geology stands as a beacon for academic excellence, offering MSc in Applied Geology, delving into the intricate study of minerals, rocks, the earth’s structure, land forms and the processes that affect them. It promotes research in Geology and allied fields and fosters a rich platform for skill development in exploring and extracting natural resources. It also emphasises strategic planning for the conservation of resources.                                                                                                   

K.N. Raj School of Economics

    K N Raj School of Economics, established in 2012, is a befitting tribute to the memory of the renowned economist Dr. K N Raj, whose contributions to India’s development policies, especially planning, have been significant and enduring. It has been envisaged as a Centre of Excellence in Economics with specialisation with a focus on planning and fiscal federalism. The Centre strives to provide creative and frequently updated courses and curriculum in Economics with a view to develop socially responsible graduates with a high degree of analytical skills, creative thinking and organisational skills.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Institute for Integrated programmes and Research in Basic Sciences

The Institute for Integrated Programmes and Research in Basic Sciences (IIRBS), established in 2008, offers a sophisticated instrumentation facility, instructor-led classroom teaching and technology-enhanced learning techniques. The Institute aims to provide intellectual, instrumental and experimental support for seeking excellence in basic science areas.In 2009, the Institute introduced a five-year Integrated Interdisciplinary Master of Science programme for students who completed their plus two with sciences and mathematics.                                                                     

Institute for Multidisciplinary Programmes in Social Sciences (IMPSS)

  The Institute for Multidisciplinary Programmes in Social Sciences (IMPSS), established in 2019 , aims at providing  critical insights into major social science disciplines, through a variety of research and teaching programmes. The Institute makes the best of the academic expertise of a team of scholars from  various statutory schools of the University .IMPSS  organises extension programmes such as art shows, exhibition of photographs and screening of films and documentaries.