Other Offices

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

In accordance with the National Assessment and Accreditation Council’s (NAAC) National Action Plan, accredited higher educational institutions are required to establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to ensure post-accreditation quality sustenance. The IQAC is an integral part of the institution’s framework and works towards enhancing and sustaining quality.                                                                                         


College Development Council
College Development Council (CDC) started functioning in this University on 15-02-1990 as part of Mahatma Gandhi University’s appropriate planning and sustainable growth of accredited institutions. In accordance with the University Grants Commission Act of 1956, the College Development Council collaborates with the colleges to bring them under the ambit of Section 2(f) and 12(B), and thereby continues to play a significant role in their development.
The Director of the College Development Council is a member of the Selection Committee that determines the eligibility of the Aided College Teachers for promotion to Professors and conducts interviews. Certificates related to various national and state level seminars, workshops, discussions etc. are issued by the Director.
Participation certificates for seminars organised by UGC are also issued from CDC. The Director approves the certificates of add-on courses conducted in various colleges.
College Development Council supports faculty members of affiliated colleges for the proposal of their project to different agencies for financial assistance to strengthen their research endeavours. The Council also supports them for the final submission of the project and also for  administrative assistance to complete their work.


National Service Scheme
The National Service Scheme (NSS) at Mahatma Gandhi University has made incredible achievements in the social service sector, which contribute to the process of national integration. Mahatma Gandhi University has a total of 271 National Service Scheme units including self-financing and aided colleges.
NSS helps students develop their personalities and offers them a vision to assist the oppressed and the needy in the community. It extends the higher education system and orients the youth to community service, fostering a sense of equality and brotherhood as well as a sense of civic obligation.
Activities such as awareness campaigns, blood donation camps and involvement in the community service help promote a sense of communal accountability as well as compassion for others. Experience in the National Service Scheme is an added competitive advantage for students while applying for jobs.
‘Snehaveed’ is a separate project undertaken by NSS in the country, which intends to construct one hundred houses for the homeless by 2022-23,  including  students and members of underprivileged groups.


Department of Student Services

The Department of Student Services (DSS) was established in 1986 with the primary objective of promoting and coordinating social and cultural events for students from affiliated/constituent colleges and universities. Since its inception, the Department has been responsible for various financial aspects, including the collection of the University Union Fee, management of the Student Welfare Fund, and oversight of the annual premium for the Student Accident Insurance Policy.

The department’s wide range of activities encompasses the administration of University Union and College Unions for students, organisation of literary events, hosting of youth festivals, provision of guidance and counselling services, implementation of career guidance and development programmes, offering medical aid and group insurance for students, granting cultural scholarships,providing grace marks for achievements in cultural activities, and delivering services for differently-abled students.

Additionally, the department extends guidance and support to foreign students, conducts co-curricular training programmes in affiliated colleges, focuses on environmental education, health, and lifestyle education, promotes the cooperative movement, and provides training to college teachers in student services.

The Director of Student Services holds the honorary position of treasurer for the University Union and also serves as the cultural coordinator for Inter University cultural programmes sponsored by the Association of Indian Universities and other related agencies. Furthermore, the Director serves as the University-level Nodal Officer for Anti-Ragging and is entrusted with the responsibility of managing activities related to preventing ragging incidents within institutions under the University’s jurisdiction.

Public Relations Department

The Mahatma Gandhi University Public Relations Office maintains a commitment to upholding a standard of clear and effective communication extending well beyond the boundaries of our academic institution. The central mission is to disseminate information regarding the University’s activities, accomplishments, and significant updates through a variety of communication channels. Our focus is on strengthening connections with students, esteemed faculty, dedicated staff, proud alumni, respected media partners and the global public.

*Core Responsibilities*
_News and Updates_
Serving as the authoritative source for the most recent developments within Mahatma Gandhi University, our proficient team tirelessly collects news and features information from the campus. This ensures the impeccably informed stakeholders about the dynamic and thriving life of the institution.
_Press Releases_
Our accomplished team of professionals meticulously plans, crafts and issues press releases that eloquently showcase academic triumphs, groundbreaking research endeavours, faculty accolades and a myriad of other noteworthy achievements. These releases are easily accessible via our website.
_Media Liaison_
Robust and enduring relationships are maintained with esteemed media outlets, ensuring the narrative of the university are portrayed with the utmost accuracy and effectiveness. Our endeavours span across local, national and global media, perpetually affirming the University’s esteemed stature.
 The stewardship of Mahatma Gandhi University’s brand identity is a solemn responsibility undertaken with utmost diligence. Every facet of communication is meticulously overseen to preserve and elevate the University’s distinct and illustrious brand.
 Our purview encompasses the adept management of advertisements, coupled with the seamless settlement of associated financial obligations. This ensures a polished and effective presence in the wider media landscape.
_Content Management_
 The team is unwavering in dedication to furnishing a continuous stream of fresh and engaging content. The mission is to maintain a vibrant connection with stakeholders and ensure they remain well-informed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Engineering Unit

The Engineering Unit plays a major role in the planning of developmental activities and serves as a catalyst to the future development projects of the university. It also contributes to the provision of structural amenities in different research laboratories and assists in handling sophisticated instruments in research laboratories.

The wing supervises various activities of construction and maintenance works. It ensures quality control including  services such as electricity,water supply, plumbing and installation that assist administrative processes.


Legal Wing

The Legal Wing at MG University plays a pivotal role in fostering a secure, inclusive, and legally compliant workplace for all stakeholders. Dedicated to upholding ethical integrity, this department is entrusted with managing legal concerns and providing expert advice and support to the university administration.

With a broad mandate, the Legal Wing ensures the University’s adherence to legal requirements and best practices. Beyond mere compliance, it actively addresses legal challenges that may emerge, representing the University’s interests in legal proceedings. The significance of this wing extends to safeguarding the rights and well-being of the university community. It oversees procedures related to grievances, investigations, and disciplinary measures, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Statistical Unit

The Statistical Unit serves as the central agency within the University, entrusted with the crucial task of conducting surveys and overseeing the monitoring of academic achievement data. Positioned as a vital hub, it plays a pivotal role in the systematic collection, compilation, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of statistics across various sectors of the University.

This unit’s significance is underscored by its fundamental role in furnishing precise information related to key university processes, including IQAC initiatives, NAAC accreditation, Chancellor’s Award, and NIRF rankings. Through its meticulous work, the Statistical Unit ensures the availability of accurate and insightful data essential for informed decision-making and enhancing the overall quality and performance of the University.

Security Office

The Security Office plays a vital role in aligning security initiatives with the University’s overarching mission, vision, and goals. Its primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of the campus community. Security guards actively patrol the campus, diligently monitoring for any suspicious activities, and their visible presence serves as a deterrent to potential threats.

Furthermore, the Security Office oversees the operation and maintenance of various security systems, including cameras, alarms, and access control systems. This involves continuous supervision to ensure these systems are functioning effectively and contributing to the overall security infrastructure.

In addition to regular patrols and system oversight, the Security Office provides security coverage for various university events. This proactive approach aims to guarantee the safety of event attendees and prevent any disturbances that may arise. Throughout these activities, the Security Office upholds the University’s reputation by adhering to high standards of professionalism and legal compliance.



Planning & Development 
The University has a Planning Board headed by the Vice-Chancellor and consists of nominees of the Chancellor, University Grants Commission and State Planning Board followed by Registrar, Finance Officer and members nominated by various teaching departments. It examines concrete proposals from various departments based on their actual requirements and takes appropriate decisions.
The Syndicate of the University has created a Works Monitoring Committee which consists of Syndicate members amply supported by the University Engineer and an external technical expert who monitors and supervises all the ongoing construction projects of the University.
The Planning and Development wing of the University deals with the submission of proposals related to infrastructure, asset management and space management. It includes mobilisation and administration of plan funds from the State, UGC, sponsoring bodies like Department of Science and Technology, Department of Bio-technology, Indian Council of Medical Research, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE), etc.