The academic growth of Mahatma Gandhi University in the past decade has been phenomenal in terms of the number of new academic initiatives launched, curricular revisions undertaken, research grants received, research collaborations entered, extension activities organized, research papers published, national and international seminars hosted, and distinctions and achievements acquired. The University is quite prominently placed on the international academic map through its entry into the Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative, the only University in India to acquire such a distinction. The CSIR has ranked the University thirteenth in India in terms of intellectual productivity and NISTADS has rated it nineteenth in terms of h-index of the science faculty while DST ranked the University 8th among  29 Universities under the PURSE programme.

The  adoption of interdisciplinary system as the basic conceptual plank for organising  various departments is based on the realisation that such a knowledge is path-breaking, far-reaching and non-linear. While appreciating the trend of several non-conventional areas of knowledge emerging across Physical, Natural and Social Sciences, the University has chosen to organize its Schools  as interdisciplinary ones where multiple disciplines co-exist and interact with one another. The organizational practice of creating institutions of interdisciplinary knowledge provides a great learning experience for the knowledge seekers. Knowledge thus generated beyond disciplines  will be  strikingly fresh and regenerative