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Transformation of MGU Library; Fr. John Neelankavil Honoured for Innovations

"In today's context, it's connection that matters more than collection,"- accentuates Fr. John Neelankavil, while speaking on the transformative vision he has brought to library environments.

Experience the Change: MGU Welcomes Students with New Vigour

In its 40th anniversary year, Mahatma Gandhi University enhanced its international-level infrastructure, making it even more impressive and aligned with global standards.

Patent granted for MGU-Slovenia Joint research finding

An Indian Patent has been granted for a joint research finding titled "Method for Improving the Comparative Tracking Index of Polymer Composites," by the Government of India.


Unleash your academic potential: Mahatma Gandhi University CAT 2024 beckons

Mahatma Gandhi University, invites aspiring students to embark on their academic journey through the Common Admission Test. Nestled in a picturesque campus with ultra-modern infrastructure, MGU offers a conducive environment for academic growth and holistic development. Opportunities abound at MGU, ranging from foreign scholarships, fellowships, internships, to business incubation and entrepreneurial ventures.

Master the Waters: Inland Vessel Crew Certification Programme

School of Tourism Studies at Mahatma Gandhi University is inviting applications for its Inland Vessel Crew Certification Programme, a skill development certificate programme.It is offered for three months (100 hours) that blends 80 Hours of comprehensive theoretical knowledge and 20 Hours of hands-on practical experience  in inland water vessels, equipping the candidates with the expertise to excel in this dynamic field. 


School of Energy Materials students selected for International Fellowships

Two M.Tech students from the School of Energy Materials at Mahatma Gandhi University, D.K. Abhijit and S. Kiran, have secured prestigious international fellowships for research in the energy sector. Abhijit will conduct research at the esteemed Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy in Germany, while Kiran will be at the Department of Physics, Aalto University, Finland.

Vidya L garners Young Scientist Award from the Indian Photobiology Society

The Indian Photobiology Society, Kolkata, has honoured Ms. Vidya, a research scholar at Mahatma Gandhi University's School of Pure and Applied Physics, with the prestigious Young Scientist Award. Vidya's research, encapsulated in the seminal publication titled "Investigating the Structural, Spectroscopic, and Nonlinear Properties of 3-Halo-aryl-3-Chloroacrylaldehydes," has garnered widespread attention for its innovative exploration in the field.