IT Infrastructure Services

The IT infrastructure of the University is utilised daily by staff and students, including but not limited to student admission to degree awarding, user authentication, workspace account management, the University’s network infrastructure, Data Centre Management, and telephones. Every IT service in the University depends on the systems and infrastructure supported by the IT Cell, working under the monitoring of the IT Committee.

IT Policy

Mahatma Gandhi University’s IT Policy is developed based on the Kerala State IT policy, as it is a state-affiliated University. The University is now fully moving towards the full utilisation of IT, employing ICT for all academic activities.

The University IT Cell oversees distinct backup procedures in various IT/ICT-related tasks. IT Infrastructure manages all on-premise enterprise data centre and communications facilities, including enterprise data networking, voice communications, and related supporting technologies. The strategy places a strong emphasis on open-source, green computing, risk management, information and network security, and IT service management.

Servers and Storage

The University has an in-house Data Centre with 6 servers. Additionally, the University holds multiple server instances in AWS to cater to the needs of its users. The IT team has deployed a backup mechanism to ensure minimal data loss. Data storage is done on the University Data Centre, and a backup copy is maintained on AWS S3.

Network Infrastructure

The University has a fully-fledged LAN infrastructure controlled and monitored by the IT Cell Network team. WiFi connectivity is provided for all users. The University has 3 leased lines of internet connectivity, altogether supplying a bandwidth of 1.15GBPS, ensuring no downtime in the network.


To ensure protection against malicious activity and unauthorised access to the network, the University maintains a security mechanism. Any user trying to access the University network will be verified by the firewall deployed in the Data Centre.


The DNS of the University is maintained by the State data center. Additionally, the University maintains one server in the State Data Centre.


All students and staff of the university have access to the University’s Official email ID supported by Google Workspace. File management is also performed online, increasing the efficiency of the workforce. Online meetings and webinars are conducted using licensed software.

Mahatma Gandhi University e-Governance

Mahatma Gandhi University utilises ICT to make its services efficient, accessible, and convenient for all end users. The University is making efforts to overcome the traditional paper-based system. With the existing IT infrastructure, the University can provide better services to its users.

The University has divided its e-governance services into 4 quadrants:

  • University-to-Students (U2S): e-services offered by the University to its students
  • University-to-Business (U2B): e-services offered by the University to service providers like vendors, agencies, etc.
  • University-to-Government (U2G)/University-to-University: e-services offered to the government or other universities
  • University-to-Employee (U2E): e-services offered to the employees of the University for providing services to the students and different day-to-day activities.

The University continues to make improvements to new and existing technology resources to meet the growing demands of the students, University, institutions, and employees. The major focus is to build a solid foundation for the future progress of the organisation.

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