Health Centre

The Mahatma Gandhi University Health Centre caters to the healthcare needs of the university community, which includes students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff. The dedicated team at the Health Centre consists of a doctor, two staff nurses, an X-ray technician and a lab technician, all collaborating to offer high-quality healthcare services, free of charge.

The Health Centre has embraced the modern technology to efficiently manage and secure healthcare records for both students and employees through its Records Management System.
Comprehensive healthcare services are provided, including routine blood tests and regular check-ups to ensure the maintenance of optimal health. The approach adopted is centred around the delivery of personalised care within a warm and welcoming environment. In addition to physical health services, valuable support is offered, including mental health counselling, nutritional guidance and overall well-being assistance.
The Health Centre plays a pivotal role in fostering a culture of value-based healthcare , upholding stringent performance standards. It actively offers suggestions and raises awareness about various health-related issues, contributing to the development of a health-conscious culture within the university community.