Central facilities at the university serve as the cornerstone of support for students, faculty, and staff, catering to their administrative, research, and academic requirements. These facilities are integral to the university’s operations, enhancing the overall educational experience. Although the specific offerings may adapt and expand with time, the following outline some of the core central facilities and services available at Mahatma Gandhi University.


1. Transportation

GPS tracking helps monitor the University buses and  respond quickly to any issues or unexpected situations, enhancing the overall safety of the staff as well as students during the journey. It assists in optimising bus routes and saving the travelling time. Implementing such a system not only prioritises safety but also streamlines logistical operations, ultimately creating a more efficient and secure transportation system for the University.

RFID technology, when combined with GPS devices, allows for the real-time tracking of buses. This combination enables complete tracking and gives the administrators prompt information on the precise location of buses, which is crucial to safety and operational efficiency. This indicates the University’s dedication to the well-being of the staff and the students and its proactive approach to harnessing technology for increased security.

2. Hostel Facilities

The campus offers comprehensive hostel facilities that prioritise safety and security. These hostels are well-equipped with various amenities to ensure a comfortable and productive living environment. Living on campus proves to be highly convenient for students, minimising commuting time and providing easy access to academic buildings, libraries, and other essential campus resources.

The university has  allocated separate accommodations for male and female students, as well as dedicated quarters for both teaching and non-teaching staff to uphold their safety, privacy, and overall comfort.

Here’s an overview of the various hostel facilities:

1) Boys’ Hostels- Pallana, Meenachil

2) Ladies’ Hostels-  Sairandhri, Nila, Kabani, Chandragiri

3) Teachers’ Hostel- Kowdiar

4) Teachers Quarters- Bhavani

5) Staff  Quarters- Pamba, Mullayar, Periyar

These facilities aim to create a conducive and inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff members, contributing to a holistic educational experience.

3.The University Assembly Hall

The University Assembly Hall is a multifunctional space at the university, serving a variety of crucial roles on the campus. It provides a platform for seminars, symposia, workshops, lectures, and presentations, offering a space for invited speakers to address a substantial audience of students and faculty. This facilitates knowledge exchange and academic growth.

Beyond academia, the assembly hall is a venue for significant university meetings, fostering collaboration and decision-making. It’s also a cultural hub, hosting musical concerts, dance performances, and other artistic expressions that enrich the campus life.

Inclusivity is key, as the assembly hall opens its doors to the broader community for shows and exhibitions. This promotes learning, community participation, and cultural enrichment, contributing to the vibrancy of the institution.