Inter School Centres

K.N. Raj Study Centre for Planning and Centre-State Financial Relations

  K N Raj Centre (KNRC), established in 2012, is a befitting tribute to the memory of the renowned economist Dr. K N Raj, whose contributions to India’s development policies, especially planning, have been significant and enduring. It has been envisaged as a Centre of Excellence in Economics with specialisation with a focus on planning and fiscal federalism. The Centre strives to provide creative and frequently updated courses and curriculum in Economics with a view to develop socially responsible graduates with a high degree of analytical skills, creative thinking and organisational skills.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Advanced Molecular Materials Research Centre

Mahatma Gandhi University established the Advanced Molecular Materials Research Centre (AMMRC), which was inaugurated on November 22, 2012 by Shri P K Abdu Rabb, the Education Minister of Kerala.The Centre  serves as a platform for interdisciplinary advanced research to enhance the University’s efforts towards creating a prospective centre of excellence in the field of advanced materials and has sophisticated and advanced equipment to undertake research.                                                                                                                             


National Institute of Plant Science Technology

Established on 20th August 2014, the National Institute of Plant Science Technology (NIPST), Mahatma Gandhi University, offers outstanding infrastructure facilities to promote research in interdisciplinary areas of  plant-based ecotechnologies. The institute provides advanced instrumental as well as experimental facilities for plant scientists to pursue excellence in all branches of plant science. A national level competitive examination is conducted to enroll exceptional and enthusiastic learners in the academic programmes offered by this institute.                                                                                                                                                \


Institute for Integrated programmes and Research in Basic Sciences

  The Institute for Integrated Programmes and Research in Basic Sciences (IIRBS), established in 2008, offers a sophisticated instrumentation facility, instructor-led classroom teaching and technology-enhanced learning techniques. The Institute aims to provide intellectual, instrumental and experimental support for seeking excellence in basic science areas.In 2009, the Institute introduced a five-year Integrated Interdisciplinary Master of Science programme for students who completed their plus two with sciences and mathematics.                                                                                                                              


Institute of Research in Learning Disabilities

  Mahatma Gandhi University School of Behavioural Sciences established the Institute of Research in Learning Disability (IRLD) in 2014, a unique department that focuses on special education, rehabilitation and mental health of individuals with disabilities. The department additionally focuses on human resource development with the support of faculty members and  researchers of School of Behavioural Sciences in the discipline of Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Special Education, Public Health and  Social Work in order to serve the differently-abled sections of the society.                                                                                                         


University Centre for International Co-operation

                                                    The University Centre for International Co-operation (UCIC) was founded in 2010 as part of the Interdisciplinary Convergence Academia Centre. The primary goal of UCIC is to explore various methods to enhance the student mobility, collaborative teaching, research and outreach activities with reputable institutions all over the world. It also promotes both internal and external academic mobility and hosts international summer schools on topics pertaining to Indian society, economy, policy, culture and tradition.                                


Institute for Contemporary Chinese Studies

The Institute for Contemporary Chinese Studies (ICCS), established in 2011, encourages teaching, research, collaborative programmes on China and inter-disciplinary research on Chinese studies in a comparative analytical method. The institute strives to offer expertise and knowledge concerning both cultures and has become a prominent centre for research in Asian Studies in general and India-China Studies in particular.                                                                                           


Centre for Yoga & Naturopathy

  The Centre for Yoga and Naturopathy (CYN), an  Inter School Centre at Mahatma Gandhi University, was established in 2015.  The Centre strives to organize awareness programmes and seminars on Yoga, healthy living and natural living for a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking considering the holistic approach of Yoga and Naturopathy . It also aims at inculcating the holistic approach of Yoga and Naturopathy in students that helps to  bring harmony and suitable changes in their behavioural patterns .