Vaikom Muhammed Basheer Chair

The Vaikom Muhammed Basheer Chair, established in 1994, commemorates the influential figure in Malayalam fiction, Vaikom Muhammed Basheer. He brought a refreshing and enlightening perspective to Malayalam literature by breaking away from traditional literary rules and focusing on the lives of common people. His comprehensive analysis of human behaviour and social problems ensures the timeless relevance of his works across generations.
The activities under the chair are conducted as an ongoing programme, where a senior academic, writer, or scholar of repute is invited to oversee activities related to fiction studies and ongoing translation work in the School of Letters. The chair is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of Cultural Studies, with a particular emphasis on the culture of Kerala.
Numerous seminars and workshops have been organised under the auspices of the Chair. The primary objective of the Chair is to advance research in the field of fiction studies.