Other Centres

University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau 

The University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau launched its activities in May 1990 on the University Campus with the support of Mahatma Gandhi University. It functions under the National Employment Service Department of Kerala , which is monitored by an Advisory Committee under the Chairmanship of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.
The Guidance Bureau  offers individual guidance to candidates to choose professional courses and jobs by evaluating their talents, interests, skills, aptitude, family background and other factors and  conducts coaching classes for UGC/CSIR NET , various competitive examinations conducted by the Public Service Commission, Bank Tests, Staff Selection Commission Tests, SET etc.
The Bureau also offers coaching sessions for the general paper to help students from the minority, SC, and ST communities to prepare for the UGC/CSIR NET, with the financial assistance of the UGC. Admission to the above courses are often limited to 40 students. These coaching programmes are conducted twice a year. Detailed classes are conducted for Commerce and English .                                                                                 
Directorate of Applied Short-term Programmes (DASP)

The Directorate for Applied Short-term Programmes (DASP), Mahatma Gandhi University, started in 2019, aims to produce trained human resources through short-term applied academic programmes, with the support of ICT-enabled Learning Management and Evaluation System . By utilising the University’s strong instructional and infrastructure resources, DASP offers a variety of specialised programmes that promote  skill development and career advancement.                                                                                                     


Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE)

The UGC-accredited two-year online M.Com Degree Programme (four semesters)started in 2022 by the Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE) ,Mahatma Gandhi University, is equivalent to the conventional degree of the University . The  online degree programme has profoundly transformed the traditional paradigm of learning. One of its unique features  is that students can review the content and access resources at their leisure and convenience and receive targeted instruction and support.                                                                                        


Civil Service Institute (CSI)

  The Civil Service Institute (CSI), established in 2018, strives to address the information gap created by the constant mechanism of teaching-learning, ensuring academic convergence for all Civil Service candidates. It emphasises unique  learning experiences that support the development of creative and sustainable ideas and ensures academic achievement. The institute fosters a comprehensive range of programmes and services and grooms the learners as responsible citizens in a rapidly shifting global community.                                                                                              



Section 8 Company run by the University
MGU Innovation Foundation

MGU Innovation Foundation (MGUIF),formed in 2019, aims to serve as a business innovation ecosystem of Mahatma Gandhi University. The organisation functions under the guidance of the RUSA 2.0 Project of Ministry of Education. It  offers Scientific Core Cloud Computing features, which enable small-scale enterprises, institutions and colleges to boost their research and reduce the time it takes to manufacture products. The Digital Learning and Empowering Studio includes a variety of amenities that foster technology-based teaching, learning and content creation.