Two Students of SEM receive Fellowships

Two M.Tech students from the School of Energy Materials,Mahatma Gandhi University, have received fellowships of foreign universities. Satyajit Shaji will study at Curtin University’s Western Australian School of Mines , Australia and Ali Abubakar  at Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States as part of their final year internship.
Satyajit Shaji, who has been selected as a Visiting Research Assistant for a year, will receive a monthly scholarship of 1500 Australian Dollars. Ali Abubakar will get a monthly scholarship of 2500 US Dollars.
The School of Energy Materials, commenced  in 2020,with Prof.Dr Sabu Thomas, the former Vice Chancellor as its Director, focuses on studies and research activities that aid in increasing the efficiency of batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, and other similar devices. Anita C. Kumar, the Joint Director , reports that 15 students have received foreign fellowships from the department which has competent supervision and outstanding instrumentation facilities.