MGU NSS to launch SAPPHIRE Club bridging generations

The National Service Scheme (NSS) of Mahatma Gandhi University is set to introduce SAPPHIRE (Students Action Promoting Positive and Healthy Intergenerational Relationships with the Elderly) clubs across colleges. This initiative aims to create a platform where the wisdom of senior citizens harmonises with the vigour of the youth.

Conceived by the Regional Directorate of NSS, the SAPPHIRE clubs will be established in 196 colleges affiliated with the University by the month’s end. The objective is to cultivate a culture where two generations mutually support and understand each other for societal well-being. This endeavour is being undertaken in collaboration with the MGU unit of the University of the Third Age(U3A), an international movement whose aims are the education and stimulation of mainly retired members of the community.

Each SAPPHIRE club unit will comprise 30 members, including 15 NSS volunteers and 15 elderly individuals selected from the adopted villages of their respective NSS units. Dr. E.N. Sivadasan, NSS Programme Coordinator, emphasises that close interaction and mutual understanding will be mutually beneficial.

During the preliminary meeting held at the University, the 100-day action plan for the clubs was approved. The session was chaired by P.N. Santhosh, NSS Regional Director. Among the attendees were Dr. E.N. Sivadasan, Director of U3A, Dr. Tony K. Thomas, Prof. K. Sabukkuttan, Dr. C. Thomas Abraham, George Kulangara, Dr. Narayanan Nampoothiri, Prof. P.G. Philip, Dr. Joji Mathew, Prof. Joby Joseph, Sr. M.P. Biji, Fr. Eldhose K. Joy and G. Rajasree.