Department Students Union Election 2019-2020

1.Letter to Department Heads

2.Election Notification

3.Instructions for Participants

4.Ballot Paper Format for Chairperson

5.Ballot Paper Format for Vice Chairperson

6.Ballot Paper Format for General Secretary

7.Ballot Paper Format for Magazine Editor

8.Ballot Paper Format for Arts Club Secretary

9.Ballot Paper Format for Councillors to University Union

10.Ballot Paper Format for Faculty Representative

11.Ballot Paper Format for Lady Representative

12.Nomination Paper Format for Chairperson

13.Nomination Paper Format for Vice Chairperson

14.Nomination Paper Format for General Secretary

15.Nomination Paper Format for Magazine Editor

16.Nomination Paper Format for Arts Club Secretary 

17.Nomination Paper Format for Councillors to University Union

18.Nomination Paper Format for Faculty Representative

19.Nomination Paper Format for Lady Representative

20.Student Code of Conduct Rule

21.UUC Proforma

22.UO (Syndicate Decision to Change of nomenclature Chairman to Chairperson)

23.Constitution of Grievance Cell

24.Appointment of Election Observers

Appointment of RO (2nd)

Appointment of AROs (2nd)

Preliminary Electoral Roll 

Appointment of additional officers for Scrutiny of Nomination Papers

Final Electoral Roll

Receipt of Nomination, Scrutiny of Nomination and Publication of the list of valid Nominations-Postponed-Notification

Withdrawal of candidature-Postponed -Notification

Postponement of University Department Students Union Election 2019-20