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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


  • To create an environment that would foster higher education in its area of jurisdiction
  • To create educated individuals qualified in specialized areas of knowledge
  • To plan and implement academic programmes of the highest quality that would foster the holistic development of individuals who will be empowered to act as the conscience of society
  • To conduct and support undergraduate, postgraduate and research-level programmes of quality in sciences, the humanities, social sciences, and the professional disciplines
  • To foster research and extension activities directed at the reorganization of existing knowledge and the creation of new knowledge for the development of society
  • To help in the creation and development of manpower that would provide intellectual leadership to the community
  • To provide skilled manpower to the professional, industrial and service sectors in the country so as to meet global demands
  • To help promote the cultural heritage of the nation and preserve the biodiversity of the region
  • To promote national development by imparting education and culture to the people of the areas coming under the jurisdiction of the University
  • To develop itself into an institution with the highest standards of excellence without losing sight of the importance of social equity.