University Centre for Ultrafast Studies (UCUS)

University Centre for Ultrafast Studies (UCUS) is a dedicated Laser Research and Technology platform at Mahatma Gandhi University established in July 2023. This is an interdisciplinary research centre which aspires to specialize in the area of ultrafast spectroscopy, photo-physics and photochemistry, the cutting-edge research involving both theoretical and experimental investigations on photo-excited state dynamics in functional materials, application of pulsed lasers to process materials, femtosecond Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (fsLIBS), water splitting, optical diagnostics, light activated advanced cancer therapies, development of nano-bio scaffolds for wound healing  and the laser assisted fabrication of novel functional materials.

         The Centre focuses on various disciplines ranging from the fundamentals of diverse ultrafast processes in organic/inorganic systems, plasma physics, materials science, bio/medical physics, optical imaging, radiation processes and medical physics, basics of pump-probe spectroscopy and fluorescence up conversion. Ultrafast laser spectroscopy is a standard method in a number of scientific fields (physics, chemistry, molecular biology, engineering etc.) and is used both as a primary research technique, as well as an accessory characterization tool for supporting the interpretation of the experiments. Femtosecond dynamics will be a part of our remit and intends to address how materials change on very fast timescales and other frontiers of ultrafast dynamics, e.g. in complex materials and biological systems, where the relevant timescales are much smaller.

Its mission is to perform multidisciplinary research in the basic science and technological applications of ultrashort laser pulses, to educate students from a wide variety of backgrounds in the field, and to spur the development of new technologies. In India the use of photon based technologies is at a stage of infancy and a sustained effort will be required for the country to realize the full economic and social potential of such technologies. Our research network is intended to support, and promote collaborations between national and international institutions through novel ventures in research frontiers. The UCUS is envisaged to act as a nodal centre in generating human resources in ultrafast laser science to meet India’s future requisites in the areas of Photonics, Energy, Communication and Healthcare.

UCUS supports a wide range of fundamental and applied studies within, and often across, the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering.

  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Ultrafast Photochemistry
  • Nonlinear Optics
  • Laser Plasma Interaction
  • Laser Ablation
  • Laser Material Processing
  • Random Lasing
  • Novel Nanomaterials
  • Quantum Materials
  • Lasers & medicine
  • Computational/ Theoretical Modeling