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A Progressive Leap at MG University’s Medical Revolution

Inaugural Ceremony


In the realm of medical research and innovation, Mahatma Gandhi University has embarked on a transformative journey with the inauguration of the Dr. N Radhakrishnan International Centre for Medical Innovation (NRICMI). The centreendowed with a significant philanthropic grant of one crore from theDr. N Radhakrishnan Foundation for Research on Venous Diseasesis committed to advancing knowledge and pioneering solutions in the field of vascular diseases. Named in honour of the distinguished vascular surgeon Dr. N Radhakrishnan, the centre stands as a testament to the commitment to advancing medical knowledge and addressing critical issues related to vascular diseases.

Dr. N. Radhakrishnan








  • To pioneer innovative research methodologies aimed at investigating the complexities of venous diseases, their etiology and progression
  • To drive advancements in medical technology and treatment modalities and to develop novel therapeutic interventions for venous diseases
  • To serve as a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together experts from various fields including molecular biology, genetics, nanobiotechnology, and vascular imaging
  • To facilitate knowledge translation and dissemination through outreach programs, workshops, and outreach initiatives connecting with healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the public
  • To foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the medical/ healthcare sector, empowering researchers, clinicians, and medical students to explore creative solutions to pressing healthcare challenges
  • To promote ethical and responsible research practices that adheres to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and patient safety, and contributes to the advancement of technology in the field of medical science for the benefit of society
  • To actively engage with industry partners, government agencies, and philanthropic organizations to secure sustainable funding and resources for the centre’s activities


  • To establish the centre as a global hub of excellence in venous disease research, treatment, and innovation
  • To foster a dynamic research environment, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and embracing technological advancements
  • To envision a future where the centre plays a pivotal role in transforming the landscape of venous disease management
  • To promote international collaborations with renowned institutions to bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the centre’s research initiatives
  • To support and nurture innovative startups dedicated to medical innovation
  • To enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by venous diseases through innovative treatments and comprehensive management approaches
  • To cultivate a diverse and inclusive community of medical practitioners, scientists, researchers, clinicians, and stakeholders with a passion for advancing medical science

NRICMIBreaking Boundaries: A New Era in Vascular Health

  • State-of-the-art molecular biology and animal cell culture laboratory
  • Nerve centre for researchers and scientiststo identify the intricate molecular mechanisms underlying venous diseases
  • Dedicated startup incubation facility
  • Nurturing ground for medical innovators and entrepreneursto explore novel solutions and technologies to address the complex challenges posed by venous diseases
  • Fostering a holistic approach to addressing the multifaceted issues within the realm of venous diseases

Revolutionizing Venous Disease Treatment: Inside MG University’s State-of-the-Art Research Center










Dr. N Radhakrishnan addressing the gatherings during the inaugural session

The primary objective of the NRICMI is to unravel the mysteries surrounding vascular diseases, with a specific focus on chronic venous hypertension and associated venous ulcers. Two major projects are currently progressing at the centre on the focused area. 


Uniqueness of NRICMI

With cutting-edge facilities, generous philanthropic support, and a clear focus on innovation, training, and international collaboration, the centre is poised to become a hub of excellence in medical research. The centre works in collaboration with Government Medical College, Kottayam and Caritas Hospital, Thellakom and MoU has also been signed for the successful collaborative efforts and completion of the work.

Uniqueness of the centre

  • Promotes emergence of entrepreneurial ventures on medical sector
  • Creates a conducive environment for idea incubation, prototyping, and developmental process
  • Accelerates the translation of research findings into practical solutions to make a beneficial impact on the management of venous diseases
  • Bridges the gap between scientific research and clinical practice
  • Promotes training programs aimed at equipping with the necessary skills for conducting molecular-level research
  • Envisions more collaborative scientific approaches to tackling venous diseases globally
  • Develops a robust and globally relevant research agenda through collaborative R&D platforms with renowned institutions, universities and researchers worldwide












About Dr. N Radhakrishnan

Dr. N Radhakrishnan, a distinguished figure in the field of vascular surgery, has dedicated over five decades to the practice and advancement of medical science. His academic journey began at the esteemed Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, where he completed both his MBBS and post-graduation in General Surgery (M.S.). Since 1980, he has served as the Senior Consultant Vascular Surgeon at St. Thomas Hospital, Chethipuzha, Changanassery, Kerala, India.

St. Thomas Hospital, a 450-bedded major institution in Changanassery, encompasses a wide array of medical and surgical specialties. Owned and managed by the Arch Diocese of Changanassery (Roman Catholic), the hospital stands as a beacon of healthcare services in the region. Dr. N Radhakrishnan’s association with this institution spans over four decades, highlighting his commitment to providing quality healthcare and contributing significantly to the medical community.

His professional journey is marked by numerous accolades and fellowships, attesting to his excellence in the field. Dr. N Radhakrishnan achieved fellowships from prestigious institutions such as the Royal College of Surgeons of England (FRCS-London), Royal Society of Medicine (FRSM-London), Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow (FRCS-Glasg), and the American College of Surgeons (FACS – USA & Canada), all in 2019. Additionally, he holds the distinction of being the first Fellow of the International College of Surgeons (Phlebolymphology) (FICS) in 2015.

His commitment to medical education is evident through his roles as a Medical Director at St. Thomas Institute of Research on Venous Disease since 2009 and a Medical Administrator since 2013. As a Senior Consultant Vascular Surgeon at St. Thomas Hospital, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the institution’s medical landscape.

Dr. N Radhakrishnan’s transition to becoming a Phlebologist, specializing in the treatment of varicose veins, is a noteworthy chapter in his professional journey. Initially hesitant to treat varicose veins due to poor surgical outcomes, a turning point came when a patient, unable to undergo surgery, appealed for an alternative solution. This marked the genesis of his foray into endoscopic sclerotherapy for venous ulcers in 1995, a transformative period that shifted his focus towards venous diseases.

Motivated by the success of his first attempt, Dr. N Radhakrishnan delved deeper into the field of venous diseases. His interest culminated in the adoption of Microfoam Sclerotherapy in 2003, a technique that significantly improved treatment outcomes. Further exploration into the etio-pathogenesis of Chronic Venous Disease (CVD) led to the development of Modified Microfoam Sclerotherapy (MMFST), a groundbreaking innovation in the field.

In 2009, Dr. N Radhakrishnan’s dedication to venous disease research was acknowledged by Padmavibhooshan Prof. M S Valiathan, National Research Professor, Govt of India. This recognition led to a collaboration with the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), where genomic and molecular studies on varicose veins became a focal point of research. The culmination of these efforts resulted in the establishment of the St. Thomas Institute of Research on Venous Diseases in 2009.

One of Dr. N Radhakrishnan’s dreams materialized in June 2012 with the formation of the “Dr N Radhakrishnan Foundation for Research on Venous Diseases.” This foundation aims to support advanced research projects, prevent varicose veins in future generations, and provide post-doctoral research scholarships. The foundation, initiated in collaboration with RGCB, started functioning in early 2013.

A testament to his commitment to knowledge dissemination, Dr. N Radhakrishnan authored two books on venous diseases. The first, titled “A Treatise on Venous Diseases,” serves as a reference book and was published in April 2014 by JAYPEE BROTHERS MEDICAL PUBLISHERS (P) LTD.


  1. Genetic Insights into Vascular Diseases: Omics and Genome Sequencing
  2. Nanobiotechnology for Advancements in Venous Disease Applications
  3. Cutting-edge Vascular Imaging Techniques
  4. Molecular Basis of Venous Ulcers: Unravelling Pathways
  5. Genetic Predisposition and Risk Assessment in Venous Diseases
  6. Immunomodulatory Strategies for Venous Disease Management
  7. Exploring Cytokines in Venous Ulcers and Chronic Venous Hypertension
  8. Cytokine Profiling for Precision Medicine Approaches
  9. Innovative Cytokine-Based Therapeutics for Venous Ulcer Healing


The Dr. N Radhakrishnan International Centre for Medical Innovation is embarking on an innovative journey to establish a sustainable model, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge research services, consultation offerings, and startup collaborations. This comprehensive approach is designed to propel scientific knowledge in the field of venous diseases and contribute to the centre’s long-term success.


  • State-of-the-art molecular biology and cell culture laboratory
  • Extensive suite of research services to diverse external entities
  • Collaboration withmedical colleges, R&D institutions, academic and other institutions, and pharmaceutical companies, etc
  • Anti-cancer studies
  • Anti-inflammatory studies
  • Cytokine biology
  • RNA expression analyses

Nanopore DNA sequencing










  • Services include guidance on experimental design, data analysis, and result interpretation
  • External researchers can benefit from personalized consultations
  • Facilitates seamless exchange of knowledge through networking
  • Enhances the centre’s reputation as a hub of expertise
  • Consultation services extend to startups in the medical innovation space
  • Entrepreneurs and innovators focused on venous diseases
  • Assistance in refining ideas, addressing scientific challenges, and navigating regulatory complexities









Startup Incubation and Collaboration

  • Incubation and nurturing of medical innovation startups
  • Physical space, access to laboratory facilities, and mentorship to create an ecosystem conducive to the growth of startups focused on venous diseases
  • Startups can contribute to the centre’s goals through collaborative research agreements or equity partnerships in exchange for these resources
  • Collaboration extends beyond the laboratory, with the centre facilitating connections with industry partners, investors, and regulatory authorities
  • This relationship strengthens the overall innovative ecosystem










Educational Programs and Workshops: Disseminating Knowledge

  • Training programs, workshops, and short courses
  • Basic laboratory techniques to advanced molecular biology methods
  • Development of a network of engaged professionals in the field



The financial stability of the Dr. N Radhakrishnan International Centre for Medical Innovation is intricately woven into the fabric of its diverse service offerings, creating a sustainable model that not only advances scientific knowledge but also ensures long-term viability. While the centre’s primary focus is on scientific innovation, its ability to generate revenue from these services is crucial for sustaining operations and facilitating future growth.

  • Research & analytical charges
  • Consultancy charges
  • Startup incubation and collaboration
  • Fee from outreachprograms, trainings and workshops

Dr. N Radhakrishnan Fellowship scheme

The Dr. N Radhakrishnan International Centre for Medical Innovation will also be proud to announce scholarship schemes aimed at fostering excellence in venous diseases research. These distinguished fellowships, established in honour of the renowned vascular surgeon, Dr. N Radhakrishnan, signify a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and nurturing the next generation of researchers dedicated to the betterment of venous diseases understanding and treatment.

These fellowships, designed to support both Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral (PDF) research endeavours, are a testament to the centre’s dedication to promoting high-quality research in the field of venous diseases. The scholarships are open for nationwide selection, welcoming aspiring researchers and scholars from various corners of the country to contribute to the mission of unravelling the complexities of venous diseases.

Objectives of the Fellowships:

  1. Encouraging Cutting-edge Research: The primary objective of these fellowships is to encourage and support cutting-edge research initiatives that delve into the various aspects of venous diseases. From understanding the genetic underpinnings to exploring innovative treatment modalities, the fellowships aim to propel the boundaries of scientific knowledge.
  2. Nurturing Emerging Talent: By providing financial support to Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral researchers, the centre aims to nurture emerging talent in the field. This support goes beyond mere financial assistance; it is a commitment to mentorship, guidance, and creating an environment where young researchers can flourish and contribute meaningfully to the scientific community.
  3. Advancing Holistic Understanding: The fellowships are not limited to a specific aspect of venous diseases; instead, they encompass a broad spectrum of research areas. Whether it be unravelling the genetic intricacies, investigating molecular mechanisms, or exploring novel therapeutic interventions, the goal is to advance a holistic understanding of venous diseases.
  4. Promoting Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of medical research, the fellowships encourage collaboration across various fields. Applicants are encouraged to bring diverse perspectives, methodologies, and expertise to the table, fostering a collaborative environment that mirrors the complexity of venous diseases.

Selection Criteria and Process

The selection process for the Dr. N Radhakrishnan Fellowships is rigorous and designed to identify individuals with exceptional research potential and a genuine passion for advancing venous diseases research. The criteria include academic excellence, scientific temperament, research proposal quality, and the potential impact of the proposed research on the field.

Benefits of the Fellowships:

  1. Financial Support: Successful candidates will receive financial support to cover their research-related expenses, enabling them to focus on their work without the burden of financial constraints.
  2. Mentorship and Guidance: Fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with experts in the field, including the centre’s seasoned researchers and Dr. N Radhakrishnan himself, ensuring comprehensive mentorship and guidance throughout the research journey.
  3. Access to State-of-the-Art Facilities: Fellows will gain access to the state-of-the-art molecular biology and cell culture laboratory at the centre, providing them with the infrastructure needed to conduct cutting-edge research.
  4. Publication and Presentation Opportunities: The centre is committed to supporting fellows in disseminating their research findings through publications and presentations at national and international conferences, contributing to the broader scientific discourse.

The Dr. N Radhakrishnan Fellowships represent a significant investment in the future of venous diseases research. By providing support, mentorship, and resources to talented researchers across the nation, the centre aims to make a lasting impact on the understanding and treatment of venous diseases. Through these fellowships, the legacy of Dr. N Radhakrishnan continues to inspire and guide the next generation of researchers toward advancements in medical science.Top of Form