Dr. E.V Ramasamy

Dr. E.V. Ramasamy
Professor & HOD
School of Environmental Sciences

Mahatma Gandhi University
Priyadarshini Hills P.O.
Kottayam, Kerala-686 560
Phone : +91 481 2732120 (O)
+91 9447095935 (Mob.)
Fax : +91 481 2732620
Email : evramasamy@gmail.com


  •  M.Sc. Madras University (With University First Rank)
  •  M.Tech Indian Institute of Technology [I.I.T], Kharagpur
  •  Ph.D Pondicherry University


  • 3 years as CSIR – Research Associate (PDF), at Pondicherry University,
  • 10 years as Lecturer / Senior Lecturer, Reader, School of Environmental Sciences

Administrative Experience:   Currently serving as Director , School of Environmental Sciences.

Research Specialization :

Environmental Biotechnology

  •  Anaerobic wastewater treatment
  •   Bioenergy
  •   Solid waste management
  •   Vermitechnology
  •   Bioremediation – Phytoremediation
  •   Water pollution monitoring and control

Currently operating FIVE major research projects worth Rs. 8.9 million.

  1. Earthworm species diversity studies at Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’ ( MoEF funded , Rs. 5.78 Lakhs) – Report is ready for submission
  2. ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management with high-solid anaerobic digestion and vermitechnology ‘ ( UGC funded , Rs. 10.08 Lakhs )
  3. ‘A comparative assessment, mapping, and modeling of Soil erosion in the upland sub-water sheds of Meenachil and Manimala Rivers’ (WGDP funded, 3.86 Lakhs)
  4. ‘Chemical transformation and bioaccumulation of mercury in Vembanad wetland and Cochin near shore areas’ (MoES funded, 64.39 Lakhs)
  5. ‘Assessment of Vegetation Carbon Pool at 8 districts of Kerala’ a prestigious National project undertaken in collaboration with ISRO, Department of Space, GOI, very recently the MoU has been signed between the school and Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) Dehradun (ISRO funded, 4.00 Lakhs).

Research Guidance:      PhD : Awarded – 3 ; Current scholars – 10
MSc / MPhil theses : 30

Reviewer of International / Indian Journals:

  • International Journals: Journal of Environmental Management,
  • Bioresource Technology , Ecological Engineering (All from Elsevier ), International
  • journal of Environment and Waste Management ( Inderscience publ)
  • Indian Journal of Chemical Technology [NISCAIR published]


  • Served as external examiner for Ph D and M.Phil theses of other universities.
  • R & D consultancy co-ordinated, Seminars co-organised
  •  Coordinator of major collaborative extension project work with Brown University, USA
  • (Rain water for humanity at Achinakom village , Kottayam)
  • Two National seminars and one National Space Science Symposium: 2001-07
  • Regional coordinator of a National project on Vegetation Carbon Pool Assessment
  • Setting up a R & D unit on vermi-technology, sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi


Technical publications : 62
Books : 02
Papers in journals /conferences : 60


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    2. Solid waste management with earthworms, with S. A. Abbasi, 2001. DiscoveryPublishing House, New Delhi, 178 pages.

Research Papers in International Journals

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