BA (Bachelor of Arts)

BA CBCS Revision 2017

Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)  Revision 2017

Sl.Nos. Subjects. Syllabus
1 Malayalam <click here>
2 Arabic <click here>
3 Economics <click here>
4 Hindi <click here>
5 History <click here>
6 Islamic History <click here>
7 Mass Communication and Journalism <click here>
8 Philosophy <click here>
9 Political Science Model I & II <click here>
10 Sanskrit <click here>
11 Sociology <click here>
 12 Animation And Graphic Design <click here>
 13 Animation and Visual Effects <click here>
 14 Audiography And Digital Editing <click here>
 15 Multimedia <click here>
 16 Visual Arts <click here>
 17 Visual Communication <click here>
 18 English Literature and Communication Studies (2 Main) <click here>
 19 English Literature, Commuincation and Journalism (3 Main) <click here>
20 English Model I and BA/B.Sc. Common coures English <click here>
21 English Model II programmes <click here>
22 Mohiniyattam <click here>
23 Bharathanatyam <click here>
24 Music-Mridangam <click here>
25 Common Course Syriac <click here>
26 Tamil Core and Common Course  <click here>
27 Common Course French <click here>
28 Common Course German <click here>
29 Kathakali CHENDA <click here>
30 Music – Vocal <click here>
31 Kathakali Sangeetham <click here>
32 Kathakali Vesham <click here>
33 Music Veena <click here>
34 Music Violin <click here>