How to apply for University Post- Doctoral Research Fellowship?

Post-doctoral fellowship is awarded to two eligible Ph.D holders each year through the 13 Statutory Departments of the University.  The amount is Rs.12000/-  p/m and Rs. 15000/- as annual contingency grant.

Eligibility: Those who hold a Ph.D degree from this University or from any other University recognized as equivalent thereto, are eligible to apply, provided the Ph.D Degree was awarded within three years preceding the date of the application and the candidate is below 40 years of age.

How to apply:  The University will issue a notification inviting applications.  The last date shall be January 31 every year.  The application shall be accompanied by copies of certificates to prove qualifications, age and a detailed plan of work(in about 1000 words) for a specific time bound project on which research is proposed to be carried out during the term of the Fellowship.  The application shall be submitted at the University Department concerned before the deadline.


How to apply for University Junior Research Fellowship?

The University is awarding Junior Research Fellowship (50 Nos. @ Rs.9000/- p/m as JRF  and @Rs. 5000/- per year as contingency grant ) to candidates pursuing full-time Ph.D. in various subjects under the University Departments and other recognized research centers, for a period of 3 years. Selection in this regard shall be made on the basis of merit from among the candidates other than UGC Teacher Fellow and holders of JRF and other Fellowships.  The awardees of the fellowship should work as full- time research scholars, and should not hold any appointment or receive any salary, stipend, emoluments etc from any other source during the tenure of fellowship.

The University will issue a Notification inviting applications for JRF. One month’s time will be allowed to apply. 

Documents required 

Application for in the prescribed format shall be accompanied by:

  1. Attested copies of Degree/Diploma certificate showing academic qualifications.
  2. Attested copies of certificates/marklists of the different examinations passed by the research fellow.(including M.Phil/NET/SLET/GATE etc).
  3. Written consent from the supervising teacher concerned (in a separate sheet).
  4. Synopsis of the work undertaken countersigned by the supervising teacher.
  5. Recommendations of the Head of the Institution and supervising teacher regarding the aptitude of the candidate for research work.
  6. Attested copy of the University Order granting registration for Ph.D.
  7. Attested copy of the joining report.


How to apply for Research Guide-ship?

Apply in the prescribed form along with a fee of Rs1000/-(Cost of  application form – Rs.25/-)and supporting documents(Copies of P G Certificate, Ph.D Certificate, Equivalency Certificate, copies of post-doctoral publications with cover page and content pages clearly indicating the date of receipt of the article by the journal, ISSN Number and year,  resume` etc.)

  1. Only approved college teachers permanently employed in Government/Aided/Autonomous

   Colleges affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and scientists in reputed research

   Institutions run by Government shall be recognized as Research Guides.

  1. To be recognized as a Research Guide in a particular subject a college teacher must have a Doctorate Degree in the subject concerned obtained from Mahatma Gandhi University or from other Universities recognized by the UGC. He/She shall have a minimum of two years of post-doctoral research experience evidenced by two post-doctoral research publications published in refereed journals approved by the UGC.
  2. A scientist in the service of a recognized research institution having a Ph.D degree and in the rank of a University Assistant Professor and above shall be eligible to apply for recognition as Research Guide. He/She must be permanently employed in this institution and must have a minimum of 5 years teaching/research experience of which two years shall be post-doctoral experience. He/She should have two post-doctoral research publications published in refereed journals approved by the UGC.
  3. Retired/Contract/Guest/Adjunct Faculty will not be approved as research guides.


How to apply for Research centre?

Apply in the prescribed form along with a fee of Rs. 10000/-(Cost of application form Rs.25/-) and supporting documents.

  1. The institution seeking recognition shall be a reputed academic/scientific Institution or Government/aided/autonomous affiliated college with Post Graduate Department in the subject concerned.
  1. The institution shall be housed in its own building with all facilities for research.
  2. It must have own staff of the institution at least two doctorate degree holders who satisfy the eligibility conditions for being recognized as research supervisors.
  3. The institution shall have its own library, laboratory equipments, internet facility and exhibition materials. The library shall have at least 5000 original books (text books/popular books shall not be counted) useful for researchers in the discipline/area of research concerned. It must also have subscribed to at least 10 journals of National and International standard.
  4. The institution shall show evidence of active research carried out in the centre in the form of research output of quality.