How to apply for getting modified mark list After Revaluation

After Revaluation, the list of students whose Revaluation procedure is completed will be published in the University website ( Students can take print out of the downloaded MEMO which shows the changes on Revaluation. They shall submit the MEMO along with a request and original mark list/grade card of the examination concerned (print out of the result published in the University website in the case of examinations for which marklists/grade cards are not issued) with in three months from the date of the MEMO. They can download the modified results published online after effecting the changes on RV once the procedure for the same is done.

Fine for late submission of memo

After 3 months : Rs.250/-                After 1 year   : Rs.500/-         After 5 years  : Rs.1000/-


How to apply for re do of internal marks?

Internal redo is provided only to failed candidates / absentees (Internal redo is not permitted with a view to improve the marks in the case of passed candidates  in CBCSS examinations) . For redoing the internal examinations  (of theory, practical or both) the applicants have to apply for the examination in the prescribed form for that particular semester examination at the time allowed for applying for registration of that semester examination as per notification along with Fee of Rs.100/- per examination and Rs. 50/- as reappearance registration fee and Rs. 25/- as fee for marklist. Application form can be had from the University examination store on payment of Rs.20/- or downloaded from MGU website ( If downloaded from is used  Rs.20/- should be paid in addition to the fee mentioned above.

Usually the examinations of  5th and 3rd semesters are conducted in the month of October and that of 1st  semester in November. Likewise the examinations of  6th and 4th semesters are conducted in the month of March and that of  2ND semester in  May. Notification for examinations will be published in the preceding months.

Fine and super fine fixed from time to time are applicable for late submission of applications.


How to apply for Provisional Certificate/ consolidated mark list/ for classification of results?

There is no prescribed application form for applying for the above purposes. At present fee for Provisional Certificate is collected from regular students along with the fee of 6th semester examination. Successful regular students will be issued the Provisional Certificate after publication of results of the 6th semester examination along with the Final & Consolidated marklists, through the Principals. However failed students should apply for the consolidation / classification of results and issue of Provisional Certificate after the successful completion of the  programme with a request to consolidate/classify the results along with the self attested copies of mark lists/grade cards of all the semester examinations he took with requisite fee.

Fee for consolidation: Rs.250/-

Transmission charges: Rs.50/-        


How to get official transcripts of marks

There is no prescribed application form for applying for official transcripts of  marks / grade points. An application for issue of OT along with self attested copy of  SSLC or equivalent and self attested copies of all the marklists issued shall be submitted to the University office.

FEE: Rs. 1000/ per copy and Rs.50/ as transmission fee

Late fee: After 1 year Rs.50/,      After 5 years Rs.100/,     After 10 years Rs.250/


How to get genuineness verification of marks/Procedure for attestation of Mark lists?

There is no prescribed application form for applying for genuineness verification/attestation of Mark lists. An application requesting to verify the genuineness / attest the copies of the mark lists/grade cards shall be submitted to the University remitting fee of Rs.560/- per copy of the document to be verified/attested and Rs 50/ as transmission fee and search fee as applicable.

One set of neat and clear copies (having sufficient space for attestation thereon )of all the documents to be verified or attested , One set of specific forwarding letters if any  as may be stipulated by the agency seeking verification (for eg.WES verification form) and photocopy of SSLC or equivalent shall be submitted to the University office. The verified/attested documents shall be sent in a sealed cover to the address mentioned in the application form.


After 1  year: Rs. 50/-,        After five years: Rs. 100/-,          After ten years: Rs. 250/-