How to apply for name correction?

There is no prescribed application form for the name correction. Candidates who wish to get their names corrected in mark lists/grade cards already issued as in the SSLC or qualifying certificate should apply for the same with a request along with original mark list / grade cards to be corrected, original SSLC/qualifying certificate and a fee of Rs.250/-


How to apply for genuineness verification of degree certificate?

For verification of the genuineness of Degree Certificate, a candidate has to submit the following documents to the section concerned (as indicated on the reverse side of the degree certificate) –

  1. Application in white paper showing clearly the details of the Degree Certificate of which the genuineness is to be verified and the address to which the verified document is to be sent.
  2. Two clear photostat copies of the degree certificate showing both the sides (Front side and reverse side)
  3. Copy of the Class X certificate (as proof of Date of Birth).
  4. Challan/Fee Receipt showing the remittance of the prescribed fee of Rs.1,050/-.


How to obtain Rank certificate/Position certificate from University?

There is no rank certificate is issued  in CBCSSS examinations. At present position certificate to candidates up to the 10th position is issued as per request. Immediately after the publication of results of 6th semester examination provisional position list will be published and provisional certificate is issued as per request. After the completion of revaluation process the position list will be finalized and final position certificate will be issued as per request.

To get provisional /final position certificate, students can apply in the application form available at the University examination store on payment of Rs.20/- or that can be downloaded from MGU website (www.mgu.ac.in) along with self attested copy of the final and consolidated mark list/ result  downloaded from the University website(www.mgu.ac.in). If downloaded from is used  Rs.20/- should be paid in addition to the fee.

Fee for position certificate is Rs. 100/-


How to apply for duplicate Degree certificate?

i. Request for Duplicate Degree Certificate addressed to the Controller of Examinations, showing clearly the accessible details of the original degree certificate declared to have been lost and the circumstances leading to its loss/the reasons for submitting the request.

ii. Affidavit from a Notary Public stating –
   1. That the relevant Degree Certificate has been irrecoverably lost.
   2. That the Degree Certificate has not been used for any other purpose.
   3. That the Degree Certificate will be surrendered to the University in the event of the same being recovered in future.
   4. That the Duplicate Degree Certificate will not be misused for any purpose.

iii. Letter from the Principal of the College from which the candidate has completed the course stating that he/she is not involved in any case of malpractice and no such case is pending against him/her and that the College does not have any objection in issuing a Duplicate Degree Certificate to the candidate.

iv. Duly filled up application form (Form No.112), along with the self attested copies of all the grade cards, Class X and Class XII certificates.

v. Prescribed fee of Rs.1,050/- (Search fee extra as applicable).


How to apply for Degree certificate?

i. Application in the prescribed form (Form No.112). Downloaded application forms can also be used, provided the candidate shall remit a sum of Rs.25/- extra towards the cost of application form.

ii. Prescribed fee of Rs.260/- (Search fee extra as applicable). In the case of applications submitted under the Fast Track system, the candidate has to remit a special fee of Rs.900/-in addition to the normal fee.

iii. Self attested copies of all the Grade Cards (From 1st Semester to 6th Semester, including that of reappearances, if any).

iv. Self attested copies of the Class X and Class XII certificates.