Vidya L garners Young Scientist Award from the Indian Photobiology Society


The Indian Photobiology Society, Kolkata, has honoured Ms. Vidya, a research scholar at Mahatma Gandhi University’s School of Pure and Applied Physics, with the prestigious Young Scientist Award. Vidya’s research, encapsulated in the seminal publication titled “Investigating the Structural, Spectroscopic, and Nonlinear Properties of 3-Halo-aryl-3-Chloroacrylaldehydes,” has garnered widespread attention for its innovative exploration in the field.

The award recognises Vidya’s work in identifying a potential substitute for cinnamaldehyde, a compound derived from cinnamon widely used in pharmaceuticals, biomedicine, and research. Her suggestion of (Z)-3 chloro-3 phenylacrylaldehyde as a substitute holds promise due to its lower cost and relative low toxicity.

Under the mentorship of Prof. C. Sudarsanakumar, Ms. Vidya has demonstrated remarkable excellence and unwavering dedication in her research. Additionally, her accomplishments were supported by the Business Innovation and Incubation Centre through the Research Incubation Programme, which provided a grant amounting to 3 lakhs. Her insight and recommendation merit recognition and further exploration.