Unlocking the Green Secrets: A Digital Guide to MGU Campus Trees through QR Codes

Exploring the lush green campus of Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) has become an enriching experience for visitors and students alike, thanks to the innovative initiative of placing QR codes on select trees. Following a meticulous survey conducted by the Advanced Centre for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development(ACESSD) of MGU, in collaboration with the Tropical Institute for Ecological Studies(TIES) in Kottayam, 300 informational boards have been strategically placed on trees representing 156 different types out of the 3731 trees on the campus.
Each board features the name of the tree in Malayalam and English, along with its scientific name, and most notably, a QR code. This pioneering addition allows anyone with a smartphone to scan the QR code and access a dedicated webpage containing a photo of the tree, its name in English and Malayalam, the scientific name, and a brief description.
Inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. C.T. Aravidakumar, the QR code scanning system marks a significant upgrade from previous efforts. While earlier initiatives included boards displaying tree names, the integration of QR codes takes this educational endeavour to new heights.
The University Syndicate, represented by Dr. Biju Thomas, along with   Dr. K. Jayachandran, the Registrar, University Finance Officer Biju Mathew,  Dr. Mahesh Mohan, Dr. P.R. Biju, Dr.T.R. Keerthi, Dr. G. Christopher, and TIES Director, Dr. Punnen Kurien, joined the inauguration ceremony. Dr. A.P. Thomas, the Director of ACESSD, emphasised the importance of raising awareness about the diverse flora in MGU and encouraging everyone to play a role in preserving this green haven.
To complement this initiative, Vice Chancellor Dr. C.T. Aravidakumar also unveiled the book “Trees of Mahatma Gandhi University Campus,” which provides comprehensive details about all the trees in the campus, including their locations.