School of Polymer Science and Technology-The Gateway to Boundless Possibilities

Fascinated by the world of materials and their endless applications? Mahatma Gandhi University has recently made a pioneering move with the launch of its prestigious  M Sc Programme in Industrial Polymer Science and Technology (2 years), which not only offers a comprehensive curriculum but also presents exciting job opportunities in collaboration with industries ranging from aerospace and electronics to healthcare and beyond. 
It is an honour to say that Mahatma Gandhi University is ranked number one among the leading global universities for polymer science in India on a global ranking by Web of Science/Clarivate, USA.The M Sc Programme in Industrial Polymer Science and Technology, offered by School of Polymer Science and Technology (SPST) provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to learning more about science, processing and applications of polymers.
 Designed to equip students with innovative and hands-on expertise, it invites amazing opportunities in the realm of polymers. Through laboratory sessions, research projects, and industrial internships, the programme offers a distinctive blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Students will have access to ultra-modern laboratories equipped with advanced instruments and tools for polymer synthesis, characterization and analysis. 
“The launch of this programme is a testament to our commitment to providing education that is both relevant and responsive to the demands of the modern world. It will contribute to the advancement of the polymer industry and open new avenues for research and innovation. It is carefully designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the principles and techniques of polymer chemistry. By incorporating hands-on laboratory experience and industrial collaborations, we ensure that our graduates are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the real world”, Dr Sreekala M S, the Director of the Department, remarked.
One of the highlights of the programme is its extensive collaboration with renowned foreign universities specializing in polymer chemistry. The University has established partnerships with prestigious institutions around the world, enabling students to engage in innovative research projects and exchange knowledge with leading professionals in the field. Students will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons, gain international exposure and contribute to innovative research in polymer chemistry.
The M Sc Programme in Industrial Polymer Science and Technology owes its inception to Dr. Sabu Thomas, the distinguished scientist with global acclaim. Driven by his passion for polymer science and a deep commitment towards the field, Dr.Sabu Thomas has set the stage for a transformative educational experience in the Polymer Department of the University.He has made several significant contributions to research and has had a remarkable career spanning  decades. The meticulously selected courses under the guidance of Dr. Sabu Thomas reflect his visionary mindset and dedication in the field.
If you have the passion to make a difference in choosing a rewarding career, our innovative programme in Industrial Polymer Science and Technology is the real gateway to turn your dreams into reality. Explore the countless opportunities that await you in the world of polymers. Take the leap, enroll now and embrace a future shaped by innovation and discovery.