School of Energy Materials students selected for International Fellowships

Two M.Tech students from the School of Energy Materials at Mahatma Gandhi University, D.K. Abhijit and S. Kiran, have secured prestigious international fellowships for research in the energy sector. Abhijit will conduct research at the esteemed Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy in Germany, while Kiran will be at the Department of Physics, Aalto University, Finland.

Both students will receive a monthly fellowship of 1,500 Euros while serving as research assistants for one year. Abhijith, hailing from Chempu,Vaikom, will focus on enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of energy technologies, while Kiran will investigate Electro-Chemical Energy Conversion.

Since its inception in 2020, seventeen postgraduate students from the School of Energy Materials have received foreign fellowships. Additionally, several students have secured internships at leading industrial organisations across the country.

Students excelling in research can continue their academic journey by pursuing a PhD at the same institution after completing a one-year internship. For those passionate about research in energy and materials science, the School of Energy Materials offers M.Tech Energy Science and Technology and M.Sc. programmes. Applications for these programmes can be submitted until May 5. More information can be found on the website