Scholarly Reflections: D. Vinayachandran Memorial National Workshops

School of Letters, Mahatma Gandhi University is hosting two-day national workshops for researchers and recently appointed research supervisors  as part of  Prof. D.Vinayachandran  Memorial Annual Programmes. The workshops will be held on February 8 and 9 for researchers and on February 10 and 11, for research supervisors at the Seminar Hall, School of Letters.
         The primary objective of the inaugural programme is to acquaint aspiring scholars and educators with formal approaches to teaching English and undertaking research. Participation is open to anyone who harbours a keen interest in conducting research in humanities, but has not yet applied for a PhD programme.
         The core focus of the second workshop is to provide a unique opportunity for new research supervisors and doctoral committee members to interact, collaborate, and share their knowledge and experiences. This workshop is specifically designed for faculty members who have recently been appointed as research supervisors.
           The programme has been organised in collaboration with the Chair of Literary and Cultural Theory, University of Hyderabad. Resource persons include  Chair Professor K. Narayanachandran, Prof. P.P. Raveendran, Prof. Chitra Panicker, Bangalore University, and Dr. K.K Kunhammed, Head of the Department of English, Kannur University.

Interested participants are invited to register for the workshops until February 5.
For more information contact 9999724254 and email