Prof. Irudaya Rajan Emphasises the Necessity of Effective Coordination for Migrant Workers’ Welfare

Prof. S. Irudaya Rajan, Chairman of the International Institute of Migration and Development, emphasised the urgent need for government coordination to ensure the socio-economic security of migrant workers. He made these remarks while releasing the workshop report of the Centre for Migration Policy and Inclusive Governance.

The report, prepared by the Centre for Migration and the SERB Project in consultation with migrant workers, social workers, representatives of trade unions and voluntary organisations, as well as heads of various government departments, highlights critical recommendations. Among the attendees were Vice Chancellor Dr. C.T. Aravindakumar, Registrar Dr. K. Jayachandran, Migration Centre Chairperson Dr. M.V. Bijulal, and SERB Project Associate, Nawaz M. Khadar.

The report recommends a comprehensive study of the living conditions, employment, and health and safety needs of migrant workers in Kottayam district. It emphasises the importance of collaborative efforts among the government, civil society, and educational institutions such as universities. Additionally, it suggests exploring opportunities to expand the health insurance system and enhance information dissemination activities of the Labour Department.