Prof. Ange Nzihou Advocates Modern Techniques for Urban Waste Management

Ange Nzihou, a Professor at IMT Mines Albi, France, suggested that Indian cities should utilise modern technologies for scientific waste management. While delivering a lecture at Mahatma Gandhi University on municipal waste management strategies, he emphasised the importance of the following specific practices of waste management adopted by European countries.

When garbage removed from cities has to be deposited in open spaces, such spots must be specifically managed. He suggested the use of organic membranes to prevent the contamination of soil and nearby water bodies through wastewater from landfills.

He pointed out the technology for producing hydrogen from biogas and specialised filters to eliminate biogas odours, which are already being used in countries like France for waste treatment. He expressed his willingness to provide free technical assistance to help India implement these scientific methods.

Professor Ange Nzihou was honoured with the Chair Professorship named after Nobel Laureates John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino at the School of Energy Materials, Mahatma Gandhi University last year. The certificate was formally presented by Prof. Sabu Thomas, the former Vice-Chancellor and Director of the School of Energy Materials.

Prof. Ange Nzihou is a Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, renowned for his expertise in various research fields. His contributions encompass energy and value-added materials derived from biomass and waste, the development and functionalisation of phosphate-based composites/hybrid materials for applications in energy, agriculture and depollution, thermochemical processes for biochar, bioash, and energy production, as well as the behaviour of pollutants such as heavy metals and aerosols. He is also known for his work in kinetics and transfer phenomena.