Patent granted for MGU-Slovenia Joint research finding

An Indian Patent has been granted for a joint research finding titled “Method for Improving the Comparative Tracking Index of Polymer Composites,” by the Government of India. This patent recognises the pioneering work led by Professor Sabu Thomas, former Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University and a distinguished polymer scientist, in collaboration with Dr. Uros Cvelbar, Dr. Miran Mozetik, and Dr. Harinarayan Puliyalil from the Joseph Stefan Institute, Slovenia.
The patent application, initiated in August 2014, received approval on April 15, 2024. Dr. K.T Varghese, a legal expert specialising in patents, provided invaluable guidance and expertise throughout the application process.
This invention has garnered attention for its potential to revolutionise the creation of electrical devices by incorporating polymer composites containing both metal fillers and glass fibres, thereby enhancing the Comparative Tracking Index (CTI).
The electrical devices mentioned encompass two or more electrodes coated with a composite comprising a polymer, glass particles or fibres, and metallic fillers embedded within the polymer matrix. The disclosed method enhances the CTI achieved by placing the coated electrical devices within a processing chamber. This process has demonstrated an increase in the Tracking Index, thereby enhancing device safety. Such advancements hold promise for significant contributions to the quality and safety of electrical transmission systems.