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Thursday, April 2, 2020


നമ്പർ. 13553/എസ്.എഫ്.1/ഡി.സി.ജെ/201318 - April - 2015

Walk in interview for Lecturers (on contract basis)-Department of Communication and Journalism-Interview May 6th,2015

No.324/2014/AI(1)/Admn27 - February - 2015

Walk in interview for Provisional Assistants(On Contract basis)

നമ്പർ. 12965(2)/എസ്.എഫ്.1/3/യു.സി.റ്റി.ഇ/20144 - December - 2014

Walk in interview -Applications are invited for the post of Lecturer on Contract in UCTE