Online M Com Programme –Explore the Benefits, Embrace the Excellence

Mahatma Gandhi University’s UGC entitled two-year Online M.Com Degree Programme (four semesters) offered by the Centre for Online Education (COE) has started its admission to its fourth batch. As per the UGC regulations for online programmes 2020, an online degree is equivalent to the conventional degree of the University.
The University Grants Commission confers its permission to conduct online programmes to only those Universities who have maintained consistent excellence in ranking awarded by various national level accreditation agencies. Mahatma Gandhi University is the one and only state University in Kerala that has been granted permission by UGC to conduct graduate and postgraduate programmes in online mode.
One of the distinctive aspects of the online programme is that students can review the contents and access resources at any time according to their convenience and preference. This flexibility permits the students to accommodate their studies around work or personal commitments. Further, the online learning offers a personalised learning experience ensuring that learners receive targeted instruction and support, enabling them to grasp concepts more effectively.
 A dedicated team of subject matter experts, programme coordinators, course coordinators and course mentors evaluate the performance and progress of the students through live interactive sessions, quizzes and assignments. There is a comprehensive procedure from enrolment to graduation and a continuous assessment under the supervision of experienced teachers to ensure the serious participation of the student in the entire academic programme. 
The entire programme, be it recorded video classes or e-learning materials, can be accessed through an advanced online learning platform (ALEMS) fully designed and developed by the University. This platform delivers personalised learning pathways, adapting the curriculum to the unique needs, learning styles and aspirations of each student.  This tailored approach ensures that students receive the right content, support and guidance maximising their potential and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject.
Since all the procedures including the admission process, video classes, internal and external examinations, result publication etc., are executed in online mode, there is no need for the students to visit the University for any academic purpose.
This online degree programme of Mahatma Gandhi University with a global intake has truly revolutionised the traditional concept of learning. The flexibility of learning methods, a disciplined approach to covering the entire syllabus, strict scheduling of examinations, prompt publication of results etc., have made the Mahatma Gandhi University M.Com Online programme a favourite destination for international students too.
With two intakes in an academic year (January & July), the admissions to the July 2023 intake closes on 30.09.2023. Those who are desirous of joining the online M.Com programme shall submit their applications at . The fee is Rs.18,000/- (USD 325/-) for each semester. Students belonging to SC/ST communities will get 40% concession on fees. 
For more information about the programme contact 9778429536 or 9778429538.