Nirmalam MGU: Transforming Organic Waste into Sustainable Revenue

The prospect of converting all organic materials, from food waste to dried leaves, into a valuable resource is a message powerfully conveyed by Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) to visitors at the Keraleeyam programme in Thiruvananthapuram.

At MGU’s exhibit at University College, a remarkable transformation is on display. Organic waste generated on the campus has been converted into various useful products, including complete plant food, potting mixtures, and plant now pots.

Nirmalam MGU, the green protocol project initiated by the University, seeks to explore opportunities for sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship beyond the realm of waste management. This innovative project serves as a guide for students, showing them how to acquire valuable skills and generate income simultaneously.

During a micro event held as part of the Keraleeyam programme, representatives from the university, including Dr. Santhosh Thampi, Keraleeyam Coordinator for the University, Dr. Radhakrishnan E.K., Director of the Business Innovation and Incubation Centre, and K.N. Sajeev, Consultant of the Nirmalam project, elaborated on the project’s initiatives and goals.

The Nirmalam project’s products are available for purchase and booking at the university’s stall on-site, with plans for online availability in the near future.