Nelson Mandela Chair: Prof. Bernard Haykel Presents the Opening Lecture for the Year

Prof. Bernard Haykel, a distinguished Professor at Princeton University, USA, and the Chair Professor of the Nelson Mandela Chair for Afro-Asian Studies at Mahatma Gandhi University, delivered the opening lecture of the chair for the current year. Emphasising the critical need for non-military solutions to the Israel-Palestine conflict, Prof. Haykel outlined the complexities involved and proposed a potential resolution through mutual compromise for a two-state solution.

Bernard Haykel, known for his expertise in the politics, economics, and history of the Arabian Peninsula, with a focus on the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) and Yemen, has served as a professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. He held the position of Director of the Institute for the Transregional Study of the Contemporary Middle East (2007-2023) and led the Project on Oil, Energy, and the Middle East.

The activities of the Nelson Mandela Chair for the year were inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. C.T. Aravinda Kumar. Speakers at the event included the Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Prof. Dinesan V, the Director of the School of International Relations and Politics, Dr. C. Vinodan, Former Director Prof. A. M. Thomas, Coordinator of the Nelson Mandela Chair, Dr. Bijulal M. V, and Dr. Aparna Eswaran. The audience observed a one-minute silence to pay homage to Prof. M Kunhaman, the previous Chair Professor, who passed away recently.