Nanotechnology: 15 MGU Students Secure Prestigious Fellowships

Fourteen students of the School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology have been selected for coveted fellowships in top universities in foreign countries. Students of M.Tech and M.Sc courses have received fellowships in America, Poland, Germany, Australia and Taiwan as part of their final year internship. One of the M.Sc students will conduct research at the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.
Tresa M Regi (Drexel University ,USA), J.S Aswathi, V Sreelakshmi (Friedrich -Alexander University, Germany), Arjun J Nair, P.S Arathi (University of Tasmania ,Australia), K.M Amit and Abin Raj (University of Silesia Poland)are the M.Tech students who are eligible for the fellowship.
The M.Sc students Nikhil Cherian Jacob, Srilakshmi Jayadas, K.S. Srilakshmi and  Theja Rajesh will study at National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan , M.V. Parvathy and Sneha James  at Queensland University , Australia and Abhay Raju at National Taiwan University. Anit Maria Joseph has been selected for internship at National Chemical Laboratory.
School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, started in 2019,with  Prof. Dr. Sabu Thomas, the former Vice Chancellor  as the Director, has in a short period of time become one of the best educational and research institutes in the country in the field of nanotechnology. Students of the School have previously received fellowships  in renowned universities abroad.
Apart from M.Tech, the programmes ,MSc Physics and Chemistry  with specialisations in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are also offered here. A joint Masters programme in Physics and Chemistry was launched last year in collaboration with Kannur University. According to the Joint Director , Dr. M.S. Srikala,  advanced lab equipment, collaborative research initiatives, excellent employment  and research opportunities at international universities are the added attractions of the programmes.
1. M. Amit Kumar 2. Abin Raj 3. P.S. Aarathi 4. Arjun J. Nair 5. Tresa Regi 6. J.S. Aswathi 7. V. Srilakshmi 8 Nikhil Cherian Jacob 9. K.S. Srilakshmi 10. Srilakshmi Jayadas 11. Theja Rajesh 12. Sneha James, 13. M.V. Parvathy 14. Abhay Raju 15. Anit Maria Joseph.