MGU to Host International Conference on Polar Studies











The International Centre for Polar Studies (ICPS), Mahatma Gandhi University, in collaboration with National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, Goa, will be hosting a three-day international conference on ‘Engaging with Polar Regions:Science, Human Ecology and Geopolitics’(  EPR 2023 ).

Scheduled to commence on October 26, the conference intends to explore  the Polar regions, their distinctive ecosystems, climate dynamics and their profound influence on global systems. It aims to set up a platform for scientists, researchers and policymakers worldwide to explore  the  social, cultural, economic, scientific, geopolitical and environmental dynamics of polar regions .
The rapid changes in the polar regions and their effects on ecology,  economy and geopolitics will be covered in EPR 2023. Scientists from the galaxy of disciplines including climatology, oceanography, ecology, geology, glaciology, atmospheric science and social sciences will attend to promote a thorough understanding of polar regions.
The Conference will also enrich collaboration  among social scientists and stakeholders, promoting an interdisciplinary approach. Besides, it attempts to present the most recent research on how climate change affects polar ecosystems, ice dynamics, sea level rise and global climate systems.
Young researchers and government representatives involved in polar governance, conservation and sustainable development will have access to an international platform through EPR 2023.The conference aims to foster agreement on research  among scientists and decision-makers.