MGU Research Scholar Joins Arctic Expedition

Ms. Saritha V K, a research scholar at the School of Environmental Sciences, M.G. University, has joined the Arctic expedition team of the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research in its fourth batch (August – September 2023) this year. She will be involved in sampling for emerging contaminants such as Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) and microplastics, in addition to routine monitoring of mercury and other metals at Himadri, India’s  Arctic research station located in Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway.
The university has been participating in the Arctic expedition since 2013 and has established the International Centre for Polar Studies (ICPS) as a co-operative centre for both scientific and social sciences in polar research. All the faculty members at the School of Environmental Sciences actively engage in Arctic environmental research. Dr. Mahesh Mohan, who has participated in the Arctic Expedition four times since 2013 and served as the team leader in 2014, is one of them.
Ms. Saritha’s research focuses on the fate and transport of PFCs in the Arctic region, under the guidance of Dr. Mahesh Mohan.