MGU Incubates Deep-Tech Startup for Enhanced Hospital Infection Prevention

Mahatma Gandhi University Innovation Foundation (MGUIF) has taken a significant stride towards promoting deep-tech industries by incubating Panlys Nanotech India Pvt Ltd, a startup specialising in advanced nanotechnology focused on preventing hospital infections.
On the university campus, further research by Panlys Nanotech India Pvt Ltd will be conducted with the support of the distinguished scientist and former vice-chancellor of MG University, Prof. Dr.Sabu Thomas, along with Dr. Radhakrishnan R, the head of Laboratory Medicine and Molecular Diagnostics at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology.
The inauguration of the startup was carried out by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Dr. C.T. Arvindakumar, with the presence of Prof. Dr.Sabu Thomas, Prof. P.I. John, Dr. Robinet Jacob, Directors of MGUIF, Chief Operating Officer Bency Thomas, Founder of Panlys Nanotech India Dr. Cyriac Joseph and the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Suraj Sanjeev.
Recent studies have shown that individuals visiting hospitals are susceptible to developing secondary infections, particularly those with weakened immune systems. Panlys Nanotech has developed the technology capable of filtering biomatter such as viruses and bacteria, thereby preventing their transmission through the air and other mediums.
MG University, known as a premier research institute in India, is set to provide support to the startup in its research endeavours to develop sophisticated equipment for commercial use. “Our ultimate goal is to provide hospitals that are free from germs and odours,” said Dr. Cyriac Joseph.