MGU and SIBUR join hands for innovation in the Rubber Industry

Mahatma Gandhi University has announced a strategic partnership with SIBUR, a leading petrochemical giant based in Russia, following a visit by their representatives to the University campus on March 19, 2024. This historic collaboration marks a significant advancement in the rubber industry’s innovation. The SIBUR representatives, Dr. Sergey Bagriashov, Dr. Afina Rumiantseva, and Dr. Novikova Tatiana, who comprised the delegation, had a discussion with the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. C.T. Aravindakumar.

SIBUR, renowned for its expertise in chemical manufacturing, plastics, and rubber products, engaged in productive discussions with faculty and researchers at Mahatma Gandhi University. The focus of the discussions was centred around identifying potential research areas and initiating joint research and development projects.

Prof. Sabu Thomas, Founder, and Dr. Sreekala M S, Director of the School of Polymer Science and Technology (SPST) at Mahatma Gandhi University, expressed great excitement about the partnership, highlighting its immense potential for both parties. “The collaboration with SIBUR holds incredible promise,” Dr. Sreekala remarked. “Together, we have the resourcefulness, creativity, and knowledge to tackle the most difficult challenges facing the rubber industry and contribute to the development of sustainable solutions.”

During the visit, delegates from SIBUR had the opportunity to tour Mahatma Gandhi University’s state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities, providing a glimpse of the Institution’s cutting-edge research facilities. This exchange of knowledge and resources sets the stage for future initiatives, promising to catalyse innovation by collaborative patents through the exchange of scholars, faculty, etc.
Additionally, it lays the groundwork for bilateral cooperation between the University and SIBUR, facilitating industrial research endeavours and bolstering standards through collaboration with the MGU Innovation Foundation.