Master the Waters: Inland Vessel Crew Certification Programme

School of Tourism Studies at Mahatma Gandhi University is inviting applications for its Inland Vessel Crew Certification Programme, a skill development certificate programme.  It is offered for three months (100 hours) that blends 80 Hours of comprehensive theoretical knowledge and 20 Hours of hands-on practical experience  in inland water vessels, equipping the candidates with the expertise to excel in this dynamic field.
The programme offers practical competency training on houseboats and motorboats at Kantharikadavu, which is located 12 kilometers from Mahatma Gandhi University. This training is valuable for  enhancing practical skills in a real-world setting. The programme is appropriate for those who aspire to establish a career in the inland vessel sector, as well as for existing professionals such as engine drivers, masters, lascars, serangs, and other floating staff who wish to obtain formal training certification.
This job-oriented programme offers knowledge and technical skills in the following areas:
    • Inland water and backwater tourism
    • Safety and security in boat operations
    • Passenger boat operations
    • Kerala Inland vessel rules
    • Competency practical training
Prospective applicants who have passed SSLC (10th grade or equivalent) are eligible to apply for the programme. Interested individuals can find the application form and additional details on the Mahatma Gandhi University website. The last date to submit the completed application form  is April 20, 2024.