Mahatma Gandhi University Initiates Draft Syllabus Preparation for Undergraduate Programmes

In the pursuit of establishing four-year undergraduate programmes, Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) has commenced the formulation of  the draft syllabi. Following the successful completion of the initial phase dedicated to launching these extended-degree programmes, workshops have been initiated across various centres to meticulously craft the syllabus.

Higher Education Minister Dr. R. Bindu inaugurated the workshops, directing participants to align their efforts with the state government’s vision of transforming the state into a knowledge economy during the syllabus preparation process.

The workshops include participation from members of Board of Studies for undergraduate programmes, chairpersons of postgraduate programmes, faculty representatives, and external subject experts. Subsequent to these workshops, the Board of Studies is slated to submit the draft syllabi for undergraduate programmes to the University by December 15.

To ensure the quality and appropriateness of the proposed syllabi across all academic disciplines, a screening committee, specifically established for each programme, will conduct a comprehensive review of the submissions.

Emphasising a shift in graduation programmes, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) C.T. Aravindakumar underscored that, starting from the forthcoming academic year, only four-year programs will be offered.
The new syllabus is designed to be inherently student-friendly, addressing existing shortcomings in syllabi, course delivery, examinations, and certification procedures. The foundational structure of these syllabi is expected to be finalised by January next year.

Under the revised four-year degree format, enrolled students gain increased flexibility, enabling them to modify their programme, college, or university in accordance with their academic needs. To facilitate this flexibility, an additional ten percent of seats will be introduced in the second year. Furthermore, students accumulating specific credits in the seventh semester will have the opportunity to graduate with an Honours Degree.