Mahatma Gandhi University Extends Student Insurance Scheme to Include Parents

Mahatma Gandhi University  has taken a significant step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of its student community and their families. The university’s student insurance scheme has recently been revamped to provide comprehensive coverage that extends beyond students to include their parents as well. This  initiative not only alleviates the financial burden in times of adversity but also underscores the institution’s commitment to the holistic welfare of its students and their families.
*Expanded Coverage for Students*
Previously, MGU’s insurance scheme for students primarily catered to accidental death cases. In the event of an accidental fatality, a specified amount was disbursed to the beneficiary. However, recognizing the need for broader coverage, the university has overhauled the scheme to encompass a wider range of accident-related situations. Under the new scheme, students of the University , aided and unaided colleges who sustain injuries requiring  medical attention , such as fractures or wounds requiring stitches due to accidents, are eligible for compensation of up to Rs. 5000. This provision helps ease the financial strain associated with unexpected medical expenses, ensuring that students can focus on their recovery and academic pursuits.
*Comprehensive Benefits*
The revamped insurance scheme goes beyond covering minor injuries. For students who require hospitalization for a minimum of 24 hours following an accident, the coverage extends to Rs. 25000. This provision aims to provide substantial assistance in the face of more serious injuries, acknowledging the potential impact on a student’s physical and mental well-being. Moreover, in cases of partial disability resulting from accidents, students are entitled to a compensation of Rs. 25000. 
*Support for Severe Cases*
In the unfortunate event of complete disability resulting from an accident, the insurance scheme offers coverage of up to Rs. 50000. This provision recognizes the gravity of such situations and provides financial aid to help affected students navigate their new circumstances. Additionally, for cases of accidental death, a compensatory amount of up to one lakh rupees is granted, providing a sense of security to both students and their families in times of immense tragedy.
*Inclusion of Parents*
One of the standout features of the revamped insurance scheme is the inclusion of parents. Recognizing the importance of family in a student’s life, the insurance coverage now extends to include accidental death insurance for parents. In the event of a parent’s untimely demise due to an accident, the family will receive compensation, with funeral expenses also covered, up to ten thousand rupees. 
*Collaboration for Success*
The successful implementation of this ambitious initiative is made possible through collaboration with the New India Assurance Company. This partnership ensures the effective execution of the insurance scheme, guaranteeing that students and their families receive the assistance they need when faced with unexpected challenges.