Mahatma Gandhi University Approaches Finalisation of Four-Year Degree Programme Syllabi

Mahatma Gandhi University is in the conclusive stage of refining the syllabi for its four-year degree programmes, with scrutiny of the draft syllabus scheduled to commence on January 31.

A total of 48 scrutiny committees, comprised of subject experts including external members, Outcome-Based Education specialists, Chairpersons of PG and UG Boards of Studies, and representatives of UG Board of Studies members have been formed to analyse the syllabi of the existing 56 degree programmes. These committees have undergone training in syllabus modification workshops to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

The scrutiny process focuses on content examination, assessment of skill development scope, and the evaluation of rubrics for each paper. Unlike centralised exams, the evaluation rubrics will be tailored to the nature of each subject, with some subjects featuring practical exams exclusively or foregoing exams altogether in favour of alternative evaluation methods.

The simultaneous review of draft syllabi for ten programmes is expected to conclude by February 10. Subsequently, the Academic Council meeting will officially approve the final syllabus. Vice Chancellor Dr. C.T. Aravidakumar  emphasised the timely development of a dedicated information technology network for the four-year degree programmes.

Dr. Biju Pushpan, the Syndicate member overseeing the implementation of the four-year UG programmes, affirmed, “Draft syllabi have been prepared for existing courses. A specific mechanism for regular revision will be in place, allowing for the addition or removal of papers. Colleges will also have the opportunity to propose  innovative courses and start them with the approval from the Board of Studies.”