Introduces Integrated Multidisciplinary Master’s in Social Sciences

There is a massive exodus from Kerala to outer universities for undergraduate studies in the social sciences. A rough estimate shows that on an average thousand students from assorted regions of Kerala move to the universities and institutions of higher learning in the social sciences in Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Pondicherry, Chennai and Bangalore. This mass exodus is partly due to a lack of renowned national or regional social science institutions in Kerala.   In this context, MGU has initiated Integrated Master’s Programme in Social Sciences (IMPSS) to respond to the growing demand for higher education centres in the social sciences.  

The integrated Masters programme in Social Sciences is conceptualized with the objective of setting base for higher-level intellect and research at an entry level.  The main objective of this curriculum is to understand the social sciences in their most inclusive sense as encompassing various disciplinary attempts. The multidisciplinary approach makes it possible for students from different disciplines to pursue their studies without any disciplinary hassle.

IMPSS programme  currently cultivates a better and deeper understanding and provide crucial insights into major social science disinclines, through the expertise of a team of specialists from various statutory departments of the University and the employment of interdisciplinary tools and methods. The first batch of 30 students admitted into the new Integrated Master’s Programme in Social Sciences from a variety of disciplines, and it is rapidly expanding its institutional linkages and academic collaborations with universities and leading social scientists worldwide.