ICM 2024: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Insights in Macromolecular Science

The International Conference on Macromolecules (ICM 2024), hosted by the International and Inter-University Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IIUCNN) at Mahatma Gandhi University, wrapped up after three days of engaging discussions and knowledge sharing among leading scientists and researchers worldwide.
Functioning as a dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge, the conference facilitated collaboration and propelled the boundaries of macromolecular science. A diverse range of topics, including polymer chemistry, material science, and nanotechnology, were covered during the conference.
Participants explored innovative approaches to macromolecular design, synthesis, and characterisation, paving the way for the development of novel materials with versatile applications. Plenary and keynote speakers delivered insightful presentations on the latest breakthroughs, highlighting the potential impact of macromolecular research across various industries, from medicine and electronics to sustainable materials. 
Notably, Professor Rajiv R. Mohan from the University of Missouri, USA, provided valuable insights into nanomedicine, potentially revolutionising the treatment of blindness and restoring vision in vivo.
The emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration underscored the significance of converging expertise to address global challenges. Researchers showcased advancements in green chemistry, bio-based polymers, and recycling technologies, demonstrating a collective commitment to addressing environmental concerns through innovative scientific solutions.
The conference also provided a platform for emerging scientists and doctoral students to present their work, fostering inclusivity and nurturing the next generation of talent in polymer science. As the conference concluded, attendees expressed enthusiasm about the collaborative spirit that defined the event. The exchange of ideas and the establishment of new connections are anticipated to catalyse future research endeavours, propelling the field of macromolecular science to new heights.
Short, invited lectures and posters were evaluated and awarded prizes, encouraging young students and scientists. Prof. Dr. Sabu Thomas, Director of IIUCNN remarked on the successful completion of the conference, envisioning an innovative tomorrow. He announced plans to extend the conference to other universities globally and emphasised Mahatma Gandhi University’s collaboration with invited professors for innovative projects, seeking international and national funding