The Stakeholders of University  community consist of members of Faculty, Students, Research Scholars, Staff and Public. Definitely, a fast evolving University produces a lot of critical knowledge in key areas created by research and innovations on the part of faculty and researchers. This needs to be propagated and published for the benefit of academia and public at large. Further, the numerous funding agencies can get to know and verify these activities from this platform. Again, administrative staff can showcase their creativity using this forum. Above all student community can access the relevant information concerning dates of exams, syllabi, course specialisations, University orders and notifications related to their chosen career. In short, this will serve as ideal forum for creative interaction among the interested groups.

Introduction of a series of merit cum means scholarships has been another major new initiative by way of social preparations. ASPIRE, INSPIRE, THANMA and ACQUIRE are the main scholarships implemented in the University. The University is doing state wide coordination of both THANMA and ACQUIRE. ASPIRE is a scholarship scheme for students who aspire to carry out short term research programmes in science, social sciences, humanities and fine arts. The scholarship is to provide opportunities for potential students to pursue short term studies at postgraduate or research level in Institutions of Higher Learning in areas of their interest. THANMA is the scholarship for nurturing literary talent and ACQUIRE for attracting brilliant students to the faculty of Social Sciences. INSPIRE is the flagship programme of Government of India to attract bright minds to basic sciences right from school level to doctoral level. In order to provide opportunities for the students to get deeper insight into their subjects of study Erudite Scholar-in-Residence programme was also initiated in which several Nobel Laureates and other academics of comparable eminence are invited to enable direct interaction with them.