Exam Time Tables

Posted Date:23/07/2011
Posted Date:21/07/2011
  • IV  Semester M.Sc. Applied Physics  Degree Examination 2011- Schedule for Practical and Viva-Voce
Posted Date:21/07/2011
  • II Semester M.Tech. (IEM & MIDC Branches) Degree Examinations
  • Final Year M.Sc. Medical Microbiology Degree Examinations
Posted Date:19/07/2011
Posted Date:18/07/2011
  • BA/B.Sc-Part II Additional Languages- Paper II - Hindi and Malayalam - Re-examination

Posted Date:16/07/2011

  • Centre Change-B.Ed (2006 to 2008 admissions – Annual Scheme) Degree  Ssupplementary  Examinations
  • DM/M.Ch Degree Examinations
  • I Semester M.Sc. Food Technology & Quality Assurance Degree Examinations
  • IV Semester BTS Degree Supplementary Examination 

Posted Date:15/07/2011
  •   II Semester BBA/BCA/BSW/BBM/BFT/B.Sc.  (Prior to 2009 Admissions) Supplementary Examinations
  • IV Semester MBA (Old Scheme – Prior to 2008 Admissions)  Degree Examinations
Posted Date:14/07/2011 Posted Date:13/07/2011 Posted Date:12/07/2011
  • Model I BA/BSc. Degree - Part II Additional Languages Paper II Examinations  Postponed
Posted Date:11/07/2011
  • M.A.Sociology (Off-Campus)  Degree Examination, April 2011-Schedule for Viva-Voce


  • B.Ed.  Degree(2006 to 2008 Admission – Annual Scheme) Supplementary Examinations
Posted Date:08/07/2011
  • I - VI Semester MCA (Off-Campus) Degree Examination, April/May 2011- Schedule for Practicals, Project Evaluation and Viva-Voce
  • IV & V Semester BA/B.Sc./B.Com (Voc.Model II) Degree Supplementary Examinations
  • Special Examinations for those candidates applied for revaluation 2003 to 2007
  • IV Semester MBA (New Scheme - 2008 Admn.onwards)  Degree Examinations
  • I Year B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) Degree -Supplementary Examinations 
  • I  & II Year B.Sc. MLT (Prior to 2008 Admission) Degree Supplementary Examinations
Posted Date:07/07/2011 Posted Date:05/07/2011
  • IV Semester Master of Communication & Journalism  Degree Examinations postponed.
Posted Date:02/07/2011
  • II Semester M.Sc. Plant Biotechnology Degree Examinations
  • II and IV Semester MA Cinema and Television Degree Examinations
Posted Date:30/06/2011 Posted Date:29/06/2011
  • III  Professional MBBS Part II Degree (Regular) Examinations
  • III  Semester MHA/MPH Degree Examinations

  • IV Year B.Pharm  Degree Supplementary Examinations
Posted Date:28/06/2011 Posted Date:27/06/2011 Posted Date:24/06/2011
  • II Semester M.Sc. Bioinformatics Degree Examinations
  • III Semester M.Tech. Degree Examination-Last  Date for the receipt of applications
Posted Date:23/06/2011 Posted Date:22/06/2011
  • IV Year B.Sc. Nursing (Prior to 2007 Admissions - Old Scheme) Degree - Supplementary Examinations  
Posted Date:21/06/2011
  • I Year Bachelor of Coaching in Sports and Games (BCSG) Degree Examinations
  • MD/MS Degree and P.G. Diploma Examinations
  • II Semester M.Sc Fishery Biology & Aquaculture (2007 Admission onwards) ( Regular/Supplementary) Degree Examinations  
Posted Date:20/06/2011 Posted Date:18/06/2011
  • I Semester Master of Physical Education Degree  Examinations 
  • II Semester MHRM Degree (2007 Admission onwards and Prior to 2007 Admissions) Examinations
Posted Date:17/06/2011 Posted Date:16/06/2011
  • S3 & S4 - B Tech. Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Degree Examinations, -Schedule for Practical Exams
Posted Date:15/06/2011
  • IV Semester M.Sc. Bioinformatics Degree Examinations
  •  IV Sem.MA Political Science Regular & Private)/II Year Private Examinations - April 2011 (Schedule of Desseration & Viva)
  • Practical Examination of IV Semester BSc Bioinformatics (CBCSS) will be on 16 June 2011
  • Practical Examination of II Semester BSc Bioinformatics (CBCSS) will be on 30 June 2011
  • Re-examination -  VI  Semester B.Tech Degree (Civil Branch) - Quantity Surveying - conducted on 22.06.2011
  • IV Semester Master of Communication & Journalism  Degree Examinations
  • I Semester M.Sc. IT/IT & CC Degree Examinations
  • Mercy Chance Examination  - Mathematics-I Semester BBA Degree  Course (1999 Admission)
Posted Date:14/06/2011  Posted Date:13/06/2011  Posted Date:10/06/2011
  • II and III Professional BHMS Degree Supplementary Examinations
  • I Semester M.Sc. Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering  Degree Examination
  •  Posted Date:09/06/2011
  • BA/BSc (including U.G.C Sponsored Annual Scheme Courses) Part I & II  Degree Examinations- Fee Date
  • II Semester B.P.Ed. Degree Examinations 
  • Posted Date:08/06/2011
  • II Semester MTA  Degree Examinations 
  • Posted Date:07/06/2011
  • Posted Date:06/06/2011
  • I Year BPT (2008 Admission onwards & Prior to 2008 Admission) Degree Supplementary Examinations 
  • II Semester M.S.W Degree Examinations
  • Posted Date:04/06/2011
  • Posted Date:02/06/2011
  • III Semester Master of Communication & Journalism  Degree Examination
  • IV Semester MHRM Degree (2007 Admission onwards and Prior to 2007 Admission) Examinations
  • Posted Date:31/05/2011
  • Posted Date:30/05/2011
  • III  Year B.Sc. Medical Microbiology (Prior to 2008 Admission) Degree Regular/Supplementary Examinations
  • Posted Date:28/05/2011
  •  Posted Date:24/05/2011
  • Posted Date:23/05/2011
  • Posted Date:21/05/2011
  • Posted Date:19/05/2011
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