Promotion to the post of Assistants from Low Paid Employees as per Govt Order (4%) - application invited for filling of vacancies <circular & application format>
Application invited for Educational Loan from Staff Welfate Fund of the University <Circular>
"Vimukthi Mission" : formation of Anti-drug Clubs & Campaign in academic institutions - Guidelines issued by Higher Education and State Library Council <Circular>
Inter University Transfer for University Assistants and Computer Assistants <Circular & Application form>
Training (III schedule) programme for newly recruited University Assistants-3rd Batch organised by HRD Centre,
                      MGU-from 16.05.2017 to 18.05.2017,  Venue at SPAP Conference Hall <Circular, Schedule & List>
   Applications invited from amoung SO, AR & DR for deputation to Kerala University of Health Sciences  <circular>
   Final list of University Assistants who had passed KPSC Departmental Test during July 2016 <Circular & List>
 General Transfer - from Faircopy employees - Details to be submitted to Ad.AIV sn. in prescribed proforma on or before 10.05.2017 <circular>
Circular for collecting requirements from various sections/schools/depts & centres of the University  towards the purchase of Computers and peripherals, Furniture and office equipments   <circular & format>
Kerala Lok Ayukta Act 1999 - Submission of Property Statement by employess for every 2 years, except LGS, on or before 15.05.2017  <circular & format>
 General Transfer for University Employees - Assistant Registrars & Sections Officers - Details to be submitted in format on or before  30.04.2017 <circular>
 List of retiring staff from the University during Jan 2018 to May 2018 <circular>
Changing of Server connectivity of University to New SDA - Non availability of University online services and Website on 22 & 23 April 2017 <circular>
Provisional list of candidates passed Departmental Tests conducted during July 2016. <circular>
Applications invited from regular employees and teachers of the University for House Building Advance
                (Bhavana Nirmana Vaypa Padhathi)  <circular>
Application invited for Deputation to Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Wayanad from amoung the Section Officers of the University  <circular>
Permission to attend the Annual General Body meeting of M.G. University Employees Union.  <circular>
Training (II schedule) programme for newly recruited University Assistants-2nd Batch organised by HRD Centre, MGU-from 18.04.2017 to 20.04.2017, Venue at SPAP Conference Hall <Circular, Schedule & List>
Final Seniority list of Office Attendants to be transfered to various Schools/Depts/Centres of the University. <circular>
Foundation Stone laying ceremony of International Academic Convention Centre at 12 noon on 29.03.2017-Directions and Guidelines to Staff/Students. <click here>
Training programme for newly recruited University Assistants-1st Batch organised by HRD Centre, MGU-from 28.03.2017 to 30.03.2017, Venue at SPAP Conference Hall <Circular, Schedule & List>
Off-Campus Examination, April/May 2017-Posting of Administrative Superintendents <Circular>  Format of application for A.S. <format> 
Preparation of panel for University Assistant who have passed Departmental Test during July 2016 <Circular>
Provisional Seniority list of Office Attendants to be transfered to various Schools/Depts of the University. <circular>
Officers of the University retiring during the financial year 2017-18 - Liabilities reporting of - reg. <circular>  ......................... <modification>
Final Seniority list of University Officers-as on 07.02.2017-Published (JR, DR, AR & SO) <circular & seniority list>
Issuance of Discontinuity Certificate for previous courses - Guidelines Issued. <circular>
Permission to attend the Annual General Body meeting of Confederation of University Employees Organisations (Kerala) & M.G. University Employees Association.  <circular>
PSC Departmental Test January 2017-permission to reach office one hour late during exam dates. <circular>
Disposal of waste after undergone functions/celebrations inside the university campus-directions issued. <circular>
The Order of VC u/s. 3.10 (17) of MGU Act 1985-Report to Syndicate - Guidelines issued. <circular>
Final list of candidates passed Departmental Tests conducted during Jan 2016. <circular>
Strictly observing the Special Rules for Teachers/Non-Teaching/Technical staff working in all SF institutions <circular>
Observation of Martyrs day <circular>

Republic Day celebration-Guidelines for participation <circular>

Recognition of Foreign Qualification by AIU   <Notification>
Chancellor's award ceremony on 12.01.2017 at 3.00 pm in University campus -Directions and Guidelines to Staff/Students. <click here>
Willingness called from Assistants/ASOs for the transfer and posting to various Depts/Schools. <click here> ............ <format>            

Income Tax Computation Statement (Final) January 2017 to be submitted to FCC on or before 11.01.2017-Circular & Format <click here>

Final seniority list of Assistants who have to transfer to various Schools/Depts/Centres of the University. <circular>

Willingness invited from Office Attendants for the transfer and posting to various Schools/Depts/Centres of the University & Format of application <click here>

Intimation regarding the submission of Annual Confidential Report for officers <click here> ............ <format>
2017 Calendar, Attendance/Casual Leave/Absenties statements etc.-ready for distribution in General Store <click here>
Office Attendant-Seniority list-Published <click here>
Reports submitting by various enquiry commissions-guidelines <click here>

Bharana Bhasha Malayalam-University guidelines <click here>

Cancellation of irregular registration for university examinations in respect of candidhtbs whose attendance shortage is beyond the condonable limit - procedure to be followed <click here>
Engagement of Part time Lady Medical Officer in the University Health Centre <Circular>
Distribution of PF credit cards for the financial year 2013-14  <Circular>
Circular for oath taking regarding official language Malayalam on Nov 1st 2016 <Circular>
Provisional Seniority list of University Officers (JR, DR, AR & SO) <Circular & List>

Provisional Seniority List of Office Attendant as on  15/8/2016 < Circular & List >

Preparation of Panel of Assistants, who have passed the Account Test/Secretariat Manual Test held in January 2016 - details called for - reg.
Issuing of copies of University Orders/Circulars to IQAC - reg.
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University-Appointment to various non-teaching posts on OPTION BASIS- Willingness called for before 19-08-2016- Proforma

Official Language Dept. (Malayalam), Govt. Of Kerala - Bharanabhasha Puraskarams 2016 – reg.

Format of Life Certificate  & Non-Remarriage Certificate for Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
Provisional Seniority list of Assistants willing to be transfered to Schools/Depts./Centres.
Final Seniority list of Section Officers willing to be transfered to Schools/Depts./Centres.
Action Taken Report of Syndicate resolutions - directions issued.
Installation of CCTV  Camera in Examination Halls  of affiliated colleges
Self Financing institutions directly run by the University - Admission under Staff Quota (2016-17)

Income Tax Computation Statement (Anticipatory) June 2016 to be submitted to FCC on or before 10.06.2016-Circular & Format

Format of application for Fixation of PayRe-Fixation of Pay against promotion to the officers of the University.
Promotion/Transfer/Relief of officers-Furnishing of Certificate of Transfer of Charges (CTC) - reg.

Transfer and postings of Section Officers to the various Schools/Depts/Centres-Final List published - reg:-

Transfer and postings of Assistants/ASOs to the various Schools/Depts/Centres-Willingness-Calling for - reg:-

Officers representing the University in Committees, Interview Boards, Meetings - Report - Furnishing of - reg:-

House Building Advance Scheme to Employees and Teachers of Mahatma Gandhi University - Circular - reg.

Provisional Seniority list of Section Officers to be transferred to various Depts/Schools/Centres of the University

Application Form for posting as Addl.Chief Superintendent for the Off-Campus Examination 2016

Circular- Off Campus Examinations April/May 2016 – Posting of Administrative   Superintendent

10 th Pay Revision -Submission of undertaking for revision of pay w.e.f 1.07.2014

KSR-Special Casual Leave to disabled and Physically challenged employees -modified circular

Implementation of the recommendations of the 10th Pay Revision Commission and rectification of the omissions or errors, if any, regarding the posts/scales of pay shown in Annexure V of G.O.(P)No.10/2016/Fin. Dated 21.01.2016 - Reporting omissions/ errors for timely rectification – reg

Rules for the employees

Establishment-Deputation/Option for various non-teaching Posts in the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University- Willingness- reg.

Retirement of the Members of Staff –Retirement  in the financial year  2016-2017, Liabilities  outstanding – report called for – reg

Circular-Biometric Recording System of teachers of Depts. and Uty. Centres

Establishment-Deputation/option for various non teaching posts in the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University -Willingness

Punching with effect from. 01.01.2016

M.G.University Staff  Welfare Fund – General Body Meeting

Forwading of softcopy of events/programmes

Uploading of contents in the university webiste

Final Statement of Income Tax Computation for the Financial Year 2015-16 submission

One hundred and twenty fifth Birth Anniversary of Bharat Ratna    Dr.B.R.Ambedkar - Celebrating of

Orientation Programme on NAAC Accreditation

Application invited for category change from low paid employees to the post of Computer Assistant Gr-II

Higher Education- Rules/Regulation for the smooth functioning of  the campuses and hostels of Universities and affiliated colleges

Order/Circular/Communications Related to National Pension Scheme (NPS)

Remittance OF Aided/Self Financing Affiliated colleges (SAF/AAF) and other fees 2015-16- intimation

Final List of Assistants Who Passed Departmental Tests Held on July 2014

General Administration -Right to Information Act,2005 -formulating record retention schedule for public authorities-direction issued 

Election of the representative of the  Non teaching staff to the Senate 2015

Transfer Of Clerical Assistant (Model Application Form)

Provisional Common seniority list of Clerical Assistant/ Roneo operators as on 01/01/2015-Circular

Despatch of Notifications/Timetables of University Examinations to affiliated Colleges/Schools/Departments

Submission  of anticipatory statement of Computation  and deduction of Income Tax for the financial year 2010-11 

Salary details of Mahatma Gandhi University staff <click here>