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 The potential of tourism in the development of society and nation as a whole has been proven beyond doubt. Therefore the onus of giving extra care to this sector lies with all the stakeholders. With the enhancing focus given to the development of this sector,it has become mandatory to look for sustainable growth. Tourism in Kerala has found a niche for itself as an effective instrument for generating employment,earning revenue and foreign exchange, enhancing environment, preserving culture and tradition thereby facilitating overall development. To fulfill this long term requirement, we need diverse tourism products,well developed amenities, effective tourism marketing and knowledgeable and skilled workforce. Human resource development for tourism and hospitality can be met through imparting quality vocational education which encourages students from diverse backgrounds to become highly productive professionals.


 Keeping this vision in mind, School of Tourism Studies,a regular statutory department was established in the year 2010 and is envisaged as Centre of higherlearning in the areas of Tourism and Hospitality. It envisages developing tourism professionals with a broad range of applied, technical and interpersonal skills through innovative curriculum and the effective use of latest technological advancements. It also exposes the students to the current practices in the industry through mandatory internship training.Student projects are related to real time tourism management issues with social relevance using a problem solving based learning approach. Students work in small groups to fulfill this in consultation with local tourism/ leisure industry suppliers and design and conduct appropriate research to complete the task. It is to provide students with an opportunity to examine contemporary tourism/ leisure management issues and to apply theory into practice. It intends to offer real and practical value to the students, both as students and future managers. The applied research, extension and consultancy services in the School would also make it a full- fledged learning experience.


The Tourism Business Incubation and Consultancy Cell in the School act as a functional division of the School of Tourism Studies focusing on operational and practical aspects of travel and tourism management.The Cell which is in line with the other such major centres of international universities and tourism institutes explores the possibility of University-Industry-Public sector tie-ups and engagements to ensure sustainable tourism development in the national and international levels. The activities include operational aspects of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality profession like Tourism Resource Mapping, tourism business incubation, destination development services,Consultancy, Research Projects, and rendering of all travel related services.


Academic Programmes

Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM) with specialization in Aviation Management, Tour Operations and Health Tourism (
Duration: two years- 4 semesters)

Innovation in teaching through EDMODO
The School of Tourism studies of Mahatma Gandhi University has recently introduced a new teaching learning interactive tool known as EDMODO, used to connect with teachers from the same field across the globe and to draw from their repertoire of knowledge and experience. EDMODO is an educational tool that takes the ideas of a social network, refines them and makes it appropriate for a class room. Using EDMODO, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips. A teacher can assign and grade work on EDMODO; students can get help from the entire class on EDMODO. EDMODO enriches the teaching learning quality, crossing the barriers of time and place through its superior features like online discussions, online tests, pooling resources, online submission of assignments etc. EDMODO literally takes teaching outside the class room, introduction of the online teaching learning platform is a conscious approach of the University to break away from the conventional teaching and pedagogical practices.