Dr. Celine Pereira




Date of Birth



Religion and Community


Christian, Latin Catholic

Educational Qualifications


·      M.A. Sociology – IInd class – Kerala University

·      M.Ed. – Ist class – III rank – Kerala University

·      Ph.D. in Education – Kerala University

Teaching experience


·      1 year & 6 months teaching experience at B.Ed. level.



·      17 years teaching experience at M.Ed. level in the University Dept.

Administrative experience


1 year experience as Principal in the University Colleges of Teacher Education Centres, under Mahatma Gandhi University


Experience as Research Guide











Project Undertaken




Guiding M.Ed., M.Phil, and Ph.D. students from 1995 onwards.

Awarded Ph.D. degree to 11 students under guidance

3 students, under guidance have submitted Ph.D. Thesis.

12 students are doing research for Ph.D. under the guidance.

Completed a major Project of SSA on “The impact of Cluster Training in the teaching learning processes in the Schools of Kerala.” and submitted as the Principal Investigator of the Project.    


Experience as Subject expert


Interview Board member in BSRB. Examination Board member in PSC.

Experience in Question paper setting


Chairperson  of Board of Question paper setters of Calicut University



Question paper setter in Alagappa University



Question paper setter in Kerala University



Question paper setter of “SET” examination, Govt. of Kerala



Question paper setter in Mahatma Gandhi University

Experience as Examination Board Member


Member of Examination Board of Kerala, Calicut, Sree Sankaracharya and Mahatma Gandhi Universities at B.Ed. M.Ed. and M.Phil level.


Books published


Contributed a chapter  in the book “Professional Competency in Teaching” edited by A. Jahitha Beegum, Mahesh Bhargava and M. Vakkil



Articles & Research Papers published


20 papers are published




1.            Realization of the prevailing educational practices. - Pedagogics

2.            Programmed materials – A strategy in Secondary School – physics. – Peet Peadagogic Discourses

3.            Effect of Audio Laboratory Instruction in deformalizing the teaching of science in primary schools of Kerala. - Pedagogics

4.            Some prolonged arguments about Education of Deaf in the State of Kerala - Pedagogics

5.            Attitude of parents towards open schools in Kerala - Pedagogics

6.            Utility awareness of secondary school students in Science - International Educator

7.            Influence of Home Environment on Certain behaviour problems of Adolescents - Teens

8.            Activity oriented approach : A wider prospective - Pedagogics

9.            Integrating technology in Science Teaching - Edutracks

10.        Multimedia approach  - An Effective instructional Strategy at  Higher Secondary Level. - - Pedagogics

11.        Developing Certain strategies for enhancing language skills.- International Journal for Research and Extension.

12.        Effect of Kit approach on the achievement in biology at the Secondary School Level-Pedagogics.

13.        An Investigation in to the computation skills among Primary School students: Interdisciplinary Biannual Journal

14.        “Catch them young”: An Analytical Assessment of the scheme for the promotion of excellence among gifted children – GCTE Journal of Research and extension in Education.

15.        Radio, Computer and Lecture : A Triangulate comparison :- International Educator.

16.        Integrating process Approach with Specific writing strategies for enhancing writing skills among Secondary School Students : Journal of Educational Endeavours .

17.        Reflective thinking Strategy : A novel Practices for Science Teaching and learning :- GCTE Journal of Research and Extension in Education.  

18.        Reflective thinking strategy vs. creativity  among secondary school students – Pedagogics

19.        Stimulating Linguistic  Aesthetic  and Objectified Pre-reading skills  of pre-schoolers – Indian Educational  Review 

20.        Reflective Thinking Strategy vs. Creativity among Secondary School Students: Pedagogics.



Editorial Experience


Associate Editor of the Journal ‘Pedagogics’ published from the School of Pedagogical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam from 1998 onwards.



Paper presentations at International level


17 papers were presented at International Seminars/Conferences





1. Presented a Paper on “Empowering the      learners in managing emotional life for excellence” in the International Conference on “Empowering Learners beyond cognition” (Sponsored by NAAC & DST) at V.O.C. College of education, Thoothukudi, dated 30-11-2006 to 02-12-2006.





2. Presented a Paper on “Attitude of parents towards their children with mental retardation”. In the International Rehabilitation Conference on “Channeling the challenges of Disability” at Holy Cross College, Trichy, dated 7-09-2006




3. Presented a Paper on “Strategy based on multiple intelligence: A powerful tool at secondary level” in the International conference on “Teacher Education in the Context of globalization” at, New Horizon College of Education, Bangalore dated 4,5,6, April-2005




4. Presented a paper on “Emotional intelligence: A powerful tool for the improvement of Quality in Education” in the International Seminar on “Holistic Education in a Technology driven Era” (in collaboration with UGC) at Mar Theophilus Training College, Trivandrum dated. 23.01.06 to 26.01.06




5. Presented a paper on “A Comparative Analysis of Emotional Intelligence and its dimensions: EC, ES and EM in Primary and Secondary school Teachers in the International Conference on “Educational Research and Learning beyond Cognition” at St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Pala, dated 31-05-2007 to 02-06-2007




6. Presented a paper on “Effectiveness of Tomatis Method and Structural Teaching in Primary School students with Autistic Symptoms” in the Inernational Conference on “Educational Research in the era of Globalisation” at Periyar University, Salem dated 28-11-2007 to 30-11-2007




7. Presented a paper on “Primary School Students with Conduct Disorders: A Multimode Remediation programme with special reference to Strokes.” In the International Seminar on “Cognitive Restructuring – Linking with Classroom Competencies and Life skills”, at N.S.S Training College, Changanassery dated 14-12-2007 to 15-12-2007




8. Presented a paper on “Habit Reversal Technique and Relaxation Method Minimising Tick Disorders.” In the International Conference on “Higher Education and Globalisation: Prospects and Challenges” at Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikkanal dated 23-02-2008 to 24-02-2008




9. Presented a paper on “Impact of EDUSAT on Secondary School Students and Teachers.” In the International Conference on “Quality enhancement in Educational Communication” at Bharatidasan University, Tiruchirappalli dated 29-03-2008 to 30-03-2008




10. Presented a paper on “Behavioural Remediation programme for Students with Obsessive – Compulsive Disorders.” In the International Conference on “Higher Education and Globalisation: Prospects and Challenges” at Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikkanal dated 23-02-2008 to 24-02-2008  

11. Presented a paper on “DOUSA-HOW: A psychotherapy for children with learning disabilities.” In the International Rehabilitation Conference on “Making A Difference” at Holy Cross College, Trichi, dated 10-12-2008 to     12-12-2008  

12. “Budding Meta cognition through reflective practices for enhancing inclusive education” :  International Conferences on Educational Research and innervations for inclusive Society. at School of Education and HRD. Dravidian University Kuppam , dated 19-03-2009 to 21-03-2009.

13. Destiny makers with deficient Armoury : A Study- In the UGC Sponsored International Conference on Educational Leadership preparation and practices in India- Organized by Sree Rama Krishna mission Vidyalaya College of Education- Coimbatore; in collaboration with School of Education Harvard University ,USA and Educators International INC.USA,dated 11-06-2009 to 13-06-2009.  

14. Presented a Paper on “Website learning: A fascinating technique for teaching science” in the International Conference, Organised by CTE at Trivandrum, dated October 30 to 31 2009.

15. Presented a paper on “Reflective Practices for mitigation of Human Conflicts” in the International Conference on mitigation of Human Conflicts at Annamalai University, on February 18 and 19, 2010.    

16. Presented a paper on “Attitude of Teachers towards the inclusion  of children with special needs”  in the International Conference on Adaptability  and responsiveness in teacher education organised by Govt. College of Teacher Education  Trivandrum on 18th and 19th June  2010

17.Presented a paper on Student Teachers perception on Teacher Disposition: Special Reference to Emotional Quotient, in the IXth Annual Convention and International Seminar of council for Teacher Education, Kerala State Centre on “Peace Education: An orientation for Gen Next; on 13th and 14th Aug 2010 organized by St. Tomas College of Teacher Education, Pala.



Paper presentations at National level



Presented Papers in 8 National Level Seminars


Workshops/Seminar/ Conferences attended


 Participated in more than 40 workshops and prepared textbook materials and handbook materials; participated in curriculum construction and syllabus preparation. Attended more than 35 Seminars/ Conferences at National/International level.

Experience as Chair person

1. Chaired two Research sessions in the International Conference on “Higher Education and Globalisation: Prospects and Challenges” at Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikkanal.

2. Chaired a Research sessions in the International Conference organized by CTE at Trivandrum on 30-31st October 2009.

3.Chaired a session in the International Conference  organized by CTE at Trivandrum on 30th to 31st October 2009

4. Served as Moderator in the Meet  the Masters Session in the National Refresher Course cum Workshop in Frontier Areas of Research Methodology of Social Scientists  organised  by IQSC Research  Wing  of  Mar Theophilus Training College and HRD Wing of Creative Curriculum Concept Foundation on 17th to 22nd May 2010 at Thiruvananthapuram.

Material Preparation

1. Prepared study materials on Educational Planning and Administration for the department of Centre for Adult, Continuing and Extension Education, University of Kerala.

2. Prepared study materials on Research Methodology for Correspondence Course for the Rajeev Gandhi Institute for Youth Development, Sreeperumbatoor, Tamilnadu

3. Prepared study materials on Population Education for Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.



Resource person  :

Resource person in the International Workshop on “Designing  Curriculum Framework for International Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration” (Sponsored by Commonworth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada) at Centre for Adult, Continuing Education and Extension, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, dated 15-12-2006 to 17-12-2006

Resource person in National Workshop on ‘Value Education’ at RIE, Mysore

Resource person of State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT)

Resource person of Kerala State Literacy mission (KSLM)

Resource person of Centre for Adult Continuing Education and Extension (CACEE), University of Kerala







Membership :

Membership of P.G. Board of Studies (Edn.)


Member of Indian Adult Education Association (IAEA)


Member of International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP)


Member of Council for Teacher Education (CTE)


V.T. member of NCTE, Bangalore



Official Address



School of Pedagogical Sciences,

Mahatma Gandhi University


Phone: 0481-2731042




Residential Address


Chandrika Cottage

Puthenthope P.O.


Phone: 0471-2750087 (Residence)

           : 9446178358 (Mobile)

E- mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it